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Poetry and painting Jiangnan apply the aesthetic standard of artistic conception to the wall cloth, showing people's spiritual world, and more importantly, it reflects that residence is the externalization of one's soul and temperament



spent three years writing the script - "shadow", which tells a human story of a little man who has been secretly imprisoned since the age of eight, unwilling to be treated as a puppet substitute, and after suffering, trying to find freedom

the film "shadow" is very different from Zhang Yimou's previous works. From posters to trailers, it adopts the light and elegant ink style of black and white gray, the classical Chinese aesthetics, the arrangement form of folk music, and the composition of Tai Chi rituals. It is full of Chinese style

except for blood, the colors of the whole film are black, white and gray, and there are no traces of color. This elegant and concise tone gives people an inexplicable sense of tension. Coupled with fast-paced editing, it feels more real

the costume design team of "shadow" spent nine months just drawing figures. At the beginning, the keynote of the film was color, but later, after repeated attempts and exchanges, they finally chose the black-and-white Chinese style

besides the hue, we can clearly see the bamboo forest, lights, Qin Sheng, arrow blade, Tai Chi... Chinese elements are quietly rubbed into the film by Zhang Yimou

the Oriental Aesthetics in the works range from the overall ink painting style, landscape and house scenery, to clothing and screens, and more subtle to various embroidery patterns

in addition to the aesthetic design of still life, martial arts movements and sound effects are showing Zhang Yimou's high-level artistic level. The whole film is still elegant in the slaughter, which satisfies the public's fantasy of Chinese style

oriental aesthetics pays attention to the word "artistic conception". The design also pays attention to the expression of images, but its "image" has become a concrete and sensible "form". Poetry and painting Jiangnan applies such aesthetic standards to the wall cloth to show people's spiritual world, and it also reflects that the residence is the externalization of one's soul and temperament

the national style wall cloth is simple and magnificent, and the space shows an oriental feeling, making people incisively and vividly feel the classical mood and quiet aura

Borges, the great master of Argentine literature, once said, "I often fantasize that heaven should be like a library." Maybe you can't live next to the library, but you can have your own study with a Chinese background map. In this way, every object is tinged with the artistic conception of Chinese traditional culture

a home that is straight to the soul in temperament, avoid flashiness, avoid prosperity, and return life to the most natural state, so that people in it can feel calm and full. The choice of these poems and paintings of Jiangnan wall cloth makes the new Chinese style aura undoubted, and the style advantages are fully displayed

real peace is not to avoid the noise of cars and horses, but to build fences and plant chrysanthemums in your heart. Although the past, every day the waves are still, as long as we eliminate distractions, we can be quiet and safe. I hope everyone will not lose his way in the world, and can sit on the rock and get drunk before falling flowers

poetry and painting Jiangnan seamless wall cloth has a new definition of new oriental aesthetics. It skillfully integrates traditional elements with modern aesthetics. It is large but not empty, thick but not heavy, and has style but not depression, thus achieving a new oriental style, which is deeply fascinating

(Graphic source: Poetry and painting Jiangnan art wall cloth, Qin Sha)





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