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Due to the active epoxy groups in the molecular structure of epoxy resin, they can react with various types of curing agents to form insoluble, non molten polymers with three-dimensional network structure, so it is difficult to remove the epoxy resin adhesive or epoxy resin coating after curing

epoxy resin curing agent has been widely used because of its excellent mechanical properties, electrical properties and chemical resistance. Curing agent is one of the necessary raw materials for epoxy resin curing products, otherwise the epoxy resin will not cure. In order to meet the requirements of various application fields, corresponding curing agents should be used. The following editor will introduce the types of epoxy curing agents and the application of epoxy curing agents

what is epoxy resin

epoxy resin refers to organic polymer compounds with two or more epoxy groups in their molecules. Except for a few, their relative molecular weight is not high. The molecular structure of epoxy resin is characterized by the active epoxy group in the molecular chain, which can be located at the end of the molecular chain, in the middle or in a ring structure. Because the molecular structure contains active epoxy groups, they can cross-linked with various types of curing agents to form insoluble, non molten polymers with three-dimensional network structure

type of epoxy curing agent

1. The scope of application of latent epoxy curing agent

epoxy curing agent is different, so the corresponding epoxy curing agent used is different according to the requirements of various fields. If the epoxy curing agent is used incorrectly, the epoxy resin will not cure. First of all, Xiaobian introduces the latent epoxy resin curing agent. The performance of this latent epoxy curing agent is relatively stable under general conditions. Only when its temperature rises to a certain height, it will show its activity and solidify with epoxy resin. This latent epoxy resin curing agent has dicyandiamide, which shows the characteristics of this latent curing agent. It is relatively stable at room temperature and will not produce curing. When the temperature is 145-165° Curing will occur within 30 minutes

2. Explicit epoxy resin curing agent

next, I will introduce an explicit epoxy resin curing agent, which is the most commonly used curing agent of epoxy resin. When using this explicit epoxy resin curing agent, we must pay attention to the appropriate energy. When using this epoxy resin curing agent, if the curing dose is relatively small, the fixed product will be connected to the unreacted epoxy group, If too much energy is used, the curing speed will be particularly fast and the desired effect will not be achieved. The epoxy resin curing agent belonging to this explicit type is adipic acid dihydrazide, which will not dissolve in the epoxy resin at room temperature, but will solidify when dissolved in high temperature environment

3. Catalytic epoxy resin curing agent

finally, I will introduce catalytic epoxy resin curing agent and additive curing agent. First of all, the catalytic epoxy curing agent can trigger the epoxy resin we use. When we turn on the epoxy machine, we can implement the catalytic epoxy resin and combine it into a network structure. Let's talk about the curing agent of epoxy resin, also known as melon curing agent, which can react with epoxy group

application of epoxy curing agent

1. Coating field: automotive chassis primer, component paint, tank car inner wall paint, food tank inner and outer wall paint, equipment, pipeline anti-corrosion paint

2. Composite material field: FRP car shell, FRP floor, FRP oxygen cylinder, FRP storage tank, relay, high voltage switch, insulator, transformer, impedance

3. Adhesives: room temperature rapid curing tough epoxy resin adhesive, conductive adhesive, room temperature curing electrostatic flocking adhesive, optical structure adhesive, sand fox ball adhesive, chemical anchoring adhesive, high functionality of silk, artificial flowers, magnetic writing board, automobile maintenance adhesive, stone adhesive, etc

editor's summary: This is the introduction of the types of epoxy resin curing agents and the application of epoxy resin curing agents. I hope it will be helpful to you. If you want to know more about it, you can pay attention to the information





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