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Zhixi meeting is a platform for Sigma to share learning and growth. This meeting is to let us all know Sigma and become bosom friends with sigma. Therefore, our learning meeting is named "Zhixi meeting"

team empowerment to share the future

sigma wooden door pays attention to the improvement of products and services externally, pays attention to the cultivation of talents internally, cultivates both internally and externally, and realizes self-improvement in an all-round way. Based on the thinking and understanding of employees on the current work, it builds a "knowledge and hope" exchange platform for internal employee empowerment and team interaction, empowers talent cultivation, and helps the development of enterprises; Empower the team, break through the deep well, simplify the complexity, establish a cooperative relationship of mutual trust and set clear goals, so as to build a flexible and efficient team

the more you share, the more you grow. Sharing is an opportunity to grow yourself and empower others. At the sharing meeting, the four families who participated in the training took turns to share their experiences and gains

Mr. Huang shares how to become a successful person from the perspective of self, world outlook, outlook on life, values, etc

general manager Huang

also has Wang Xi, the regional manager of Yunnan Province. According to the market case analysis of Yunnan Province, he described the overall layout of Yunnan Province and the growth and management of dealers

Wang Xi, regional manager of Yunnan Province

Hua Xu, sales department, talked about the process of children reading and learning together with their children through the importance of reading

Hua Xu of the sales department

Yin Gang of the marketing department, centering on the theme that things in the world are like chess, told the truth of being a man and doing things in chess and go

marketing department Yin Gang

everyone will have different gains, or different insights, or unprecedented inspiration after experience, but there is no doubt that what they will gain will be a precious wealth in their work and long life in the future

gather strength to empower and seek common transcendence

I believe that through this learning exchange meeting, we will provide a bridge for everyone to learn and grow, achieve the purpose of empowering wisdom, forge ahead with innovation, build a cutting-edge academic exchange platform, learn from practice for application, and integrate; Take this opportunity to strengthen self-learning and improvement, and encourage everyone to actively share and learn from each other; Enhance mutual understanding, common growth and progress, that is, colleagues and partners become bosom friends or even close friends





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