Master paint Yi full effect ultra-low VOC emulsion

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Imported from the United States with original packaging, VOC and formaldehyde are "not detected" in the actual measurement, and are super scrub resistant

product information product picture merchant master paint product series escape full effect ultra-low VOC emulsion paint specification 3.6L service is limited to one barrel per household, A total of 20 barrels of market price 678.00 yuan/Ping group purchase price: 298.00 yuan/Ping

Master paint, as the world's most famous latex paint industry enterprise, has been widely recognized all over the world. In the Great Hall of the people, the White House of the United States uses master paint! As a member certification business, master paint promises to the majority of netizens that all the goods sold are guaranteed to be authentic, and one fake will pay ten. Provide you with all kinds of technical information about the purchased products. The professional shopping guide recommends a suitable coating system according to your actual situation. Provide professional color consultation and free color matching of light color pure imported color pastes

in terms of price comparison, the special price of 298 yuan/barrel is much cheaper than that sold by other well-known websites! Don't miss the benefits. Everything is here

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product advantages: imported from the United States, VOC, formaldehyde measured " Not checked out "e;, Super scrub resistant

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