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Enlightenment from the informatization construction of Dongguan Nine Dragons Paper Co., Ltd.

although it belongs to a traditional industry, it is different from many other manufacturing enterprises. The informatization construction of Dongguan Nine Dragons Paper Co., Ltd. is almost synchronized with the development of the enterprise - in the second year after the enterprise was put into operation, the management of purchase, sales and inventory has been labeled with "e", and the informatization technology has been integrated into the blood of enterprise production and operation. Without the tortuous story of ordinary enterprises' rapid development and scale-up, management faces problems, and then uses information-based means to improve management level and improve enterprise competitiveness. However, nine dragons' information construction seems so natural. In the eyes of Nine Dragons' management, the highest level of information-based process is to desalinate information-based

desalination of investment

for a super large paper company with an investment of nearly 370million US dollars, an annual production capacity of 1million tons, a planned production of 900000 tons this year, and an output value of 2billion yuan, this campaign will trigger the test piece to zigzag around the selected circular axis. Up to now, the investment in information construction is only 2million yuan, which is a little incredible. It is reported that the company has not purchased any of the most high-end information facilities. According to the industry's accounting standards for general enterprise informatization investment, the enterprise's informatization investment accounts for 10~15% of its own sales. From this perspective, it is easy to feel that nine dragons is very "stingy" in information investment and does not pay much attention to information construction

but this is not the case. "Nine Dragons' core business modules are mainly focused on purchase, sales and inventory, which is different from the requirements of those enterprises with complex production processes or telecom operators for massive data processing. The company only needs practical products. More importantly, nine dragons' informatization follows up with the development of enterprises, so it does not need to hurt the bones and muscles like some old enterprises, and the cost naturally drops." Zhangpeiqing, chief financial officer of nine dragons, gave a reasonable explanation

consciousness synchronization

Nine Dragons started to build a factory in Dongguan in 1996, put into production in 1997, started to purchase it equipment and wiring engineering in the same period, and formally realized information management in 1998. Can the company successfully realize informatization in such a short time? Zhangpeiqing downplayed this. "The company's top managers come from all over the world, and most of them have experience in information management. According to everyone's work experience, it is normal to implement information construction just as the company needs to introduce equipment."

at the beginning of information construction, did the company encounter problems like "consciousness revolution" and "brainwashing" like other enterprises? Tracing back to the corporate background of nine dragons, its share composition is solely American owned. In the United States, where the informatization construction is much more mature, the decision-making level of the company has long had the awareness of information competitiveness. When investing in the construction of factories in the mainland, the informatization investment is also synchronized

when talking about the synchronous awareness of Nine Dragons Paper's informatization, zhangqingpei smiled: "at the beginning of the establishment of the plant, we put forward the concept of people-oriented informatization. From employees to management, we employ some employees with informatization experience to the front line, which reduces the pain caused by informatization reform and the cost accordingly."

with its rich experience, nine dragons Information Center, the company's information construction team, has taken many detours from the beginning and built an information system that meets the needs of the enterprise itself. According to the introduction, with nearly 200 pcs, optical fiber and network cabling equipment, nine dragons has invested nearly 2million yuan. The whole plant has achieved joint operation. With finance as the core, it has built three modules: finance, inventory management and sales

step by step

although awareness and capital can be guaranteed, enterprise informatization is, after all, a step-by-step process and cannot be achieved in one step. With the rapid development of the enterprise in the past two years, the original information system has inevitably encountered problems that conflict with the purchase, sales and inventory management

zhangpeiqing said that in the past, the company cooperated with UFIDA software to purchase and implement several major modules with finance and purchase, sales and inventory as the core. At the beginning, the system played a great role in the operation of the enterprise. With the continuous improvement of enterprise demand, this system has gradually failed to meet the requirements of development. It is reported that at present, the company has begun to replace other modules by other systems except that it continues to use the basic financial software of UFIDA

through model selection and cooperation, Inspur soft's advantages in industry segmentation have attracted nine dragons. "To put it simply, the original classification of UFIDA by industry was relatively rough, only the conceptual classification of manufacturing, medicine and so on. However, Inspur soft has classified the manufacturing industry in paper, textile, beverage and other aspects, which will have greater affinity for users." Zhangpeiqing talked about Koizumi, the new artist he had chosen: the reason why he made good use of waste materials to create a "new face". In addition, combined with his work experience abroad, he believes that domestic software enterprises are too conservative compared with foreign countries, and always provide comprehensive solutions for enterprises with their own strength. In fact, due to different changes in different enterprises, general software is difficult to meet the actual needs of enterprises

in zhangqingpei's eyes, the process of enterprise informatization is not that software developers use their own efforts to solve all problems for enterprises, but that of providing tools with high efficiency, full functions and convenient operation. "With the development of the enterprise, UFIDA is not the most suitable tool. We need other software products, and the software modules of Inspur industries, especially the experience formed in the paper industry, are exactly what we need now."

integrated informatization

Nine Dragons' informatization infrastructure has been built. At present, the company is implementing a new purchase, sales and inventory system with Inspur soft. It is expected that the system will be completed in the middle of April. During the interview, it was obvious that the company had high expectations for the new system

zhuqin, who is in charge of information construction of the company, said that according to Jiulong's current development plan, information construction is mainly implemented in three stages: first, establish inventory sales/procurement modules with Inspur software in advance; The second is to replace the existing financial software, and to improve the capital operation rate by informatization in production planning, raw material preparation, quality control and tracking management; Third, improve Nine Dragons' information system with Inspur software, unify the information system, and establish an overall solution with Inspur software platform as the core; Of course, the ultimate goal is that in the production process, the assembly line data can be directly and automatically entered into the system for real-time control and real-time analysis, so as to automatically save the warming data of the international market, and the enterprise leadership can make corresponding decision-making analysis after accumulation

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