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Environment and policy of packaging waste (Part I)

packaging waste accounts for a considerable proportion of urban domestic waste. Some data show that the proportion of packaging waste in urban domestic waste in China is similar to that in developed countries, and the increasing trend is increasingly obvious. However, does the production of a large amount of packaging waste only mean a serious waste of resources and environmental pollution? Many countries have implemented special management on packaging waste, and adopted various means such as economic policy, legislative management, publicity and education. However, not all countries regard packaging waste as special waste. In China, should the packaging be specially managed? How to treat the environmental problems of packaging objectively and how to manage the packaging waste are worthy of in-depth discussion. Foreign countries have gained some good experience in the practice of packaging waste management, but the vast majority of plastic processing enterprises focus on domestic manufacturing equipment. Before considering how to learn from these experiences, on the one hand, we need to make a comprehensive evaluation of foreign packaging management policies, on the other hand, we need to make an in-depth analysis in combination with China's national conditions and the characteristics of China's packaging waste, so as to make a correct choice

I. connotation and characteristics of packaging

packaging, as a part of products, is a tangible addition to products. The first basic attribute of packaging is protection, which protects the product from all kinds of potential damage from the climate, bacteria, transportation and the direct impact of the quality of the production screw rod on the experimental data to the final use of the product. Packaging plays an important role in protecting the integrity of the product. The second basic attribute of packaging is containment, that is, to prevent product leakage. The third basic attribute of packaging is identifiability

packaging should also follow the principle of minimum impact on the environment when realizing the above basic attributes. It is worth noting that the principle of minimum impact of packaging on the environment must be based on the realization of the basic functions of packaging

packaging is characterized by large quantity and short service life. Packaging products are mostly disposable consumer goods. The cycle from raw materials to product processing, consumption to waste is generally short. When the products reach the hands of consumers, the life of packaging will end. This characteristic of packaging is one of the important reasons that packaging waste attracts people's attention

what the packaging industry provides to the society is not final consumer goods, but a component of the products of other industries. Therefore, packaging enterprises are closely related to the production industry of the products they package, and the development of packaging is also closely related to the development of the market of the products they package. On the one hand, the updating and upgrading of products stimulated the demand for packaging; On the other hand, the improvement of packaging also promotes the production of products. Paper, plastic, metal, glass and other packaging products are the main body of the packaging industry, and packaging waste is mainly composed of these types of materials. Among them, the paper packaging industry ranks first, and its share has a trend of further improvement; The plastic packaging industry followed closely. Both of them account for more than half of the packaging industry, with an annual output of tens of millions of tons. Such a large number of packaging products will produce a considerable amount of packaging waste after consumption

II. Environmental problems of packaging waste Liaoning Province has formulated and issued the implementation plan of Liaoning Province for the construction of a national new raw material base project framework (hereinafter referred to as the plan). The analysis of the environmental problems of packaging waste has always attracted attention. Different understandings of this problem have led to differences in packaging waste management policies. Environmentalists generally believe that the environmental problem of packaging waste is serious. A large number of packaging waste pollutes the environment and wastes resources, so it needs to be managed and limited; The general packaging people have different views. Although the amount of packaging waste is huge, packaging has made great contributions to reducing economic losses and promoting economic development. Therefore, it is difficult to explain that packaging waste has a significant impact on the environment. Although these different opinions may come from the consideration of the self-interest of the packaging industry, their reasonable side is worth discussing. At least it can be seen that the environmental problems of packaging waste are more complex than people generally think

when trump announced that he would impose tariffs of 25% and 10% on imports and aluminum products respectively, it is recognized that compared with other environmental problems encountered in the real world, the environmental impact of packaging waste is in a lower position. However, packaging waste has attracted special attention due to the following reasons: first, the number of packages is huge. The focus on packaging waste initially came from the emergence of waste. As the government is more and more difficult to bear the increasing disposal costs due to the growth of garbage, people will naturally focus on the management of packaging waste with a huge amount of garbage. Second, consumers with increasing environmental awareness are worried about the large amount of packaging waste that can be seen everywhere in the garbage, especially the phenomenon of "white pollution" such as plastic bags and excessive packaging can be found everywhere, which is even more abhorrent. Therefore, packaging waste soon became the target of abusing resources and polluting the environment and was widely attacked. (to be continued)

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