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Changes, enlightenment and Reflection on the development of machinery industry

introduction: in recent years, the economic operation of machinery industry is undergoing some far-reaching changes. 1、 The localization environment of major technical equipment is getting better. Firstly, the public opinion environment began to be conducive to the development of equipment manufacturing industry; What is more gratifying is that the relevant departments have strengthened their support for localization in the management of key engineering projects

with the economic development of the machinery industry in recent years, it has been noted that there are some far-reaching changes taking place around the experimental machine, such as making beam zigzag experiments, using extensometers for experiments, and maintaining equipment

I. domestic machines for major technical equipment are seeing a solid environment getting better. Firstly, the public opinion environment began to be conducive to the development of equipment manufacturing industry; What is more gratifying is that the relevant departments have strengthened their support for localization in the management of key engineering projects. Last year, due to the resolute attitude of the leaders of the State Development Planning Commission and the State Council to promote localization, the original intention of "market for technology" was well realized in the binding bidding of heavy gas turbines. Leading comrades of the State Council have requested that the procurement of pumped storage power plants, nuclear power plants and units on the left bank of the Three Gorges project should also reflect this spirit in the future. Relevant leading comrades of the Planning Commission also asked old Minister He Guangyuan to organize the Federation to study and propose what major technical equipment can follow the practice of heavy-duty gas turbine projects, implement bundled bidding, exchange the market for

technology, and accelerate localization. It seems that the external environment for promoting the localization of major technical equipment has improved significantly. The key lies in our own work. We should seize the favorable opportunity to improve our own level so as to live up to the great expectations of the country and the people

II. The automobile industry has entered a period of rapid growth, and its proportion in the total machinery industry is rising. Last year, the output value of the automobile industry has risen to nearly 40% of the total amount of the whole machinery industry, and the profit and tax has exceeded 40%. The contribution rate to the profit increment of the whole industry last year has reached 61%. It can be seen that among the major categories of the machinery industry, automobile is indeed a very important and influential industry. Moreover,

the automobile industry is still a rare industry with a long growth period and large development space; It is an industry that has a wide driving effect on many sub

industries of the machinery industry, such as machine tools, bearings, internal combustion engines, electrical appliances, etc. Therefore, from a strategic point of view, no matter whether the

is from the ardent expectation of the broad masses of people for automobiles or from the needs of the development of the machinery industry itself, we should take the automobile

industry as the strategic focus of revitalizing the machinery industry and give sufficient attention and attention in our industry work

III. the manufacturing of power generation equipment has changed from insufficient order to short supply. Last year, the output of power generation equipment reached 21.2084 million kilowatts, an increase of 58.3% over the previous year; The output is expected to reach a new high this year. Under the background of the reversal of supply and demand, the price of newly ordered products has also rebounded from the extremely abnormal low price in previous years; The 1-

payment method, which is a headache for enterprises in the industry, has also begun to return to the direction consistent with the practice of market economy. The operating conditions of power generation equipment enterprises began to improve. This makes us realize that a serious oversupply can only harm manufacturing enterprises, and a reasonable supply and demand situation is conducive to the manufacturer to obtain a reasonable return. Therefore, power generation equipment and other equipment industries with strong specificity should treat the current situation of supply exceeding demand with a rational attitude. Once the material is crushed (if necessary), we must overcome the impulse of excessive expansion, and be careful to prevent the serious oversupply situation from appearing again

IV. the accelerated entry of foreign capital and the increasingly strong tendency of holding shares and sole proprietorship need our attention. All kinds of signs show that foreign investors have changed their wait-and-see attitude and began to carry out strategic development in China's machinery industry. Under this situation, on the one hand, the development of high-end products in some industries has accelerated due to the intervention of foreign-funded enterprises, and some products, such as cameras, copiers, pneumatic components, etc., have become a big exporter in the world; On the other hand, it is also reflected by "the shrinkage of the development activities of the enterprise after the joint venture", "the original traditional export is restricted"

. Therefore, we should consider: how to seek advantages and avoid disadvantages in undertaking international industrial transfer, and maximize the positive effects of increasing exports and promoting the improvement of product level brought by industrial transfer; At the same time, different situations should be distinguished to ensure the industrial autonomy in key areas, especially the growth of independent innovation ability

v. the market for non-governmental purchase of machinery and equipment is heating up rapidly, which has become a factor that can not be ignored in industrial development. In 2002, the production and sales of excavators increased significantly. Investigation and analysis show that one of the main reasons is the sharp increase in private purchases. Now,%

in Jiangsu and Zhejiang are purchased by private individuals. Because the excavator has become a money making machine like the wheat combine harvester in previous years. Due to the launch of the

private purchase market 2 The pressure sensor is converted into an electrical signal and transmitted to the experimental force measurement system field. It is expected that the construction machinery will continue to develop rapidly. In addition, one of the world's largest horizontal double acting hydraulic aluminum profile extruders ordered by a private enterprise in Shandong last year was successfully put into production, changing the tradition that large equipment was ordered only by the state. It is reported that as private enterprises pay more attention to the performance price ratio of products, they have become a large buyer of domestic CNC machine

beds. These changes have far-reaching significance for the greater development of machinery industry equipment products in the future. As a matter of fact,

it is clear that as long as we try to combine our products with the people's desire to become rich, the products will have a broad market. It should be one of the directions of our product structure adjustment to actively explore the private market of mechanical products

VI. non state owned enterprises are booming and have taken advantage in some industries. According to the analysis, in the total output value of the machinery industry in 2002,

private enterprises accounted for 40% and foreign-funded enterprises accounted for 30%; Among the total profits and taxes, private enterprises and foreign-funded enterprises have accounted for 40% respectively; Three foreign-funded enterprises have accounted for two-thirds of the total export value. Now the private enterprises in the industry have started to expand into the export market, complex products and large complete sets of equipment by relying mainly on the advantages of flexible

mechanism and only participating in the competition in medium and low-grade mechanical products. At present, private enterprises have an advantage in more and more industries, such as micro and small bearings, low-voltage electrical appliances, motorcycles, medium and low-voltage pump valves, auto parts, civil

instruments (water meters, watt hour meters, gas meters), etc. What is particularly striking is that private enterprises have begun to expand into major overseas and domestic technology and equipment fields. These changes indicate that the dynamic mechanism of the industry endogenous to the market players is strengthening, which will become a stable factor to promote the sustainable development of the industry. (caiweici, vice president of China Machinery Industry Federation)

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