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Enlightenment from Shanxi rural packaging brokers in recent years, more than a dozen rural packaging brokers have emerged in Tongchuan Town, the fruit producing area of Yuanping City, Shanxi Province

at the beginning, these packaging brokers just aimed at the characteristics of Tongchuan town's fruits, went to the packaging manufacturers in the city to purchase cartons, plastic bags and other packaging supplies, which were transported back to the village and sold to fruit farmers for packaging fruits at a small profit. Later, according to the development of the fruit market, many enterprises failed to skillfully apply the impact testing machine after purchasing it. They asked the carton factory to print the name, origin, pattern and contact of the fruit on the carton, and then classify and package the fruit

these dozen packaging brokers have a good knowledge, good information and strong market concept. Since last year, there have been 2million kilograms of fruit packed by their hands in Tongchuan Town, accounting for more than half of the fruit output of the town on September 22 this year. The income of these dozen packaging brokers is considerable. The fruits have been scientifically packaged by them to enhance the fresh-keeping effect, and the fruit prices have also increased significantly. Therefore, the per capita income of the whole town increased by 290 yuan

every time the fruit comes into the market, these dozen packaging brokers become the "God of wealth" in the eyes of the villagers. After careful investigation, the industry and Commerce Bureau of Yuanping City, Shanxi Province, believes that the phenomenon of rural packaging brokers has raised at least the following three questions:

first, how should the packaging of agricultural and sideline products keep up with the rapid development of the rural market economy? Practice has proved that packaging is not only an important measure for agricultural and sideline products to enter the market, but also an important means for maintaining and increasing the value of agricultural and sideline products

the emergence of rural packaging brokers shows that farmers' awareness of commodity packaging is gradually taking shape. Facing the profound changes in farmers' market concept, do our packaging researchers and packaging enterprises take the initiative to develop the packaging market in rural areas, or do they only do business in cities? Only by going deep into the countryside and actively providing packaging technical services for farmers, can we achieve a win-win situation

secondly, there are many kinds of agricultural and sideline products in China

take fruits for example, there are hundreds of kinds, and the storage and transportation factors such as moisture and sugar content, fresh-keeping period, soft and hard fruit quality of various fruits vary greatly. Therefore, it is very important to study a set of packaging technologies for agricultural and sideline products that meet China's national conditions and are both fresh-keeping and storage resistant. This requires packaging researchers and packaging enterprises to go deep into the countryside, widely solicit farmers' opinions and requirements, track services, understand the applicability and improvement methods of packaging of agricultural and sideline products from picking, selection, packaging, storage and transportation to sales and consumption, so as to develop and produce a series of packaging products suitable for the characteristics of agricultural and sideline products, and provide a scientific and powerful guarantee for agricultural and sideline products to go to the market

Thirdly, the new profession of packaging broker should be supported in policy, capital and technology

government departments should focus on improving the packaging quality and grade of agricultural and sideline products, developing packaging brokers and establishing a systematic packaging system; Agricultural Bank of China, Agricultural Development Bank of China and rural credit cooperatives should take the development of packaging of agricultural and sideline products as an important play to help farmers shake off poverty and become prosperous, and provide financial support for farmers to use packaging on agricultural and sideline products. Packaging technology associations and packaging enterprises should often go deep into the countryside to impart technology and provide services. Newspapers, magazines, radio, television and other media should also provide more packaging information and packaging technology knowledge, so that agricultural and sideline products can be put into the wings of packaging, go to the market, and contribute to the increase of farmers' income in the plastic industry itself, from raw materials to equipment

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