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Schott glass gives us enlightenment on safety production and environmental protection

"care for our employees and pay attention to environmental protection." When Mr. volkerhaeusler was asked to choose the two most important aspects of corporate society, he gave such an answer. Volkerhaeusler is the technical director of Schott glass technology (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. He also mentioned that as a leading multinational enterprise with a history of 125 years, Schott's emphasis on these two aspects has become part of the core values of the enterprise

zero accident is to ensure the safety of employees

Schott founded Jinan testing machine in 1884 by Ernst Abbe and ottoschott, of which ottoschott is known as the "father of modern glass". Schott has been established for more than 120 years and has achieved a leading position in the industry. So far, Schott has developed into a multinational high-tech group company, headquartered in Mainz, Germany. Its main products include household appliances, pharmaceutical packaging, solar energy, optics and electronics, and automobile industry. It is worth noting that Schott's products and solutions are almost all based on special glass and related special materials. As a manufacturing enterprise invested by Schott group in China, Schott glass technology (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. was put into operation in April, 2002

according to China, Schott is absolutely a "people-oriented" company. Schott believes that taking good care of employees is the greatest social responsibility of the enterprise. According to the interview, Schott mainly produces special glass products, so ensuring the safety of employees through ensuring production safety has become the top priority

it is reported that Schott had only one very small and not serious safety accident last year. The accident was that a female spot check worker accidentally scratched a finger while checking the glass bottle. Mr. humingyue, director of human resources of Schott glass technology (Suzhou) Co., Ltd., introduced the accident handling: analyze the accident, find out the root cause of the accident, make preventive measures and remedy. "We have changed the operation method, and we can put an end to this kind of accident in the future. The female workers checked the glass bottles, which are often used as raw materials in bioplastics. The original operation method was that they could check with one hand or both hands. After the accident, we stipulated that they must use both hands, and the direction is outward."

in fact, the operation method of the injured female worker is also standard, and Xiao Te has never had such a situation before. This time it was an accident, but Xiao Te revised the operation specification to prevent accidents. Schott also informed the overseas branches of the accident and reminded them to make adjustments

humingyue said that female workers' injuries were treated as work-related injuries, and the State stipulated insurance was provided to the employees. In addition, commercial insurance was purchased for the employees to ensure that the employees could receive sufficient compensation in case of an accident. "What we can do is, first, to strengthen training. Second, to make clear provisions on the operating procedures and standards of employees. Third, we must not give in to safety for any reason." Volkerhaeusler said

Schott has posted safety production regulations in each production workshop. Employees must be very familiar with these regulations before taking up their posts. The company never gives in to safety and ensures the goal of zero accidents. Volkerhaeusler believes that Schott has a very good safety system. He goes deep into each team and holds a safety meeting every two weeks to solve problems in a timely manner. At the same time, short posted the accident report outside the Suzhou factory, which can also be seen by passers-by as a supervision

Schott also achieved "zero safety accident" through some incentive measures. Composite insights of India predicts that A350 aircraft will become the main driving force for the significant growth of composite materials in the next few years. It has a unique and clear reward system, taking into account multiple indicators such as safety and performance. Schott also set up a "100 days without accidents" competition. With the increase of accident free days, the reward will be increased. Last year, short achieved the record of 180 days without any accident. For this reason, the company held celebrations, went out for dinner and watched movies collectively. Short had previously organized group tours as a reward

environmental protection is also safety

Schott's corporate society is also reflected in environmental protection. In the common sense, glass manufacturing enterprises are highly polluting, but this does not seem to be established in Schott

majette, Minister of environment and forestry of Lefa, Germany? After visiting Schott's Suzhou plant in 2004, Ms. Conrad said that Schott is very consistent with Schott's German headquarters in terms of production engineering, process flow and environmental protection standards. According to reports, Schott's plant in Suzhou only invested more than 30% of the total equipment investment in environmental protection facilities. Michaelbuenning, President of Schott in China, said that Schott abides by all laws and regulations in China. He saw this as the basis for ensuring that Schott would gain long-term interests in China

Schott has an organization in charge of environment, safety and health. Since many of Schott's factories are similar, they often communicate with each other. Short also passed Lloyd's "S" environmental safety certification. In terms of environment and safety production, Schott's factories all over the world follow unified standards.

take the pharmaceutical packaging business department of Schott group as an example. This department is a leading global supplier of packaging products for injection drugs. It is distributed in more than 500 production lines in 11 production bases around the world, and produces more than 7billion syringes, vials and ampoules made of special glass tubes or polymer materials every year , cartridges and other packaging materials. Schott's manufacturing base operates according to GMP specifications, and its products fully comply with USP, EP and JP international standards (currently internationally recognized international quality standards for drugs, dietary supplements and other health products)

for glass manufacturing enterprises, safety and environmental protection are often integrated. For example, in the process of glass production, some dangerous chemical materials will be used. If these raw materials are used or stored improperly, they will not only pollute the environment but also affect personal safety. Schott classified hazardous materials. The leading category is "no use", and this part of Schott is strictly restricted. The second category is "restricted use". When there is no better substitute in the market, use it as little as possible and only as a transitional period. When there is a new substitute, it will be cancelled immediately. There are also specific fixed methods and quantities. The third category is "unwanted", which will continuously reduce the consumption in the long term and look for alternatives at the same time

Schott's innovation

Schott has a complete emergency handling and early warning plan. It is Schott's goal to continuously improve and maintain better work and health standards. All production units of short have well-trained emergency rescue personnel. Schott asked every employee to receive training in three aspects: emergency rescue, fire fighting and crowd evacuation

Schott requires that every production unit should implement a monthly safety accident report system, and also requires that every department or team meeting should start with a safety topic

based on the statistics of "number of employees", Schott also implemented the "effective working hours" system to indicate the working hours or working days lost due to accidents. Volkerhaeusler introduced that of the 300000 working days of short in the past three years (based on the number of employees multiplied by the number of working days), only three days were lost due to accidents. The company has a special organization to count these accident data, make analysis and submit reports to the company

for the Suzhou factory, Schott has special management personnel and special emergency handling methods. Schott holds accident drills once or twice a year, and gradually reduces the use of hazardous raw materials in production in accordance with the latest requirements of global regulators and technical specifications including TNO 4027/75, FDA 21 CFR 1772510 and nsf/ansi 61. It's not just about raw materials. Humingyue said that all employees of short will analyze the factors that may affect the environment in their work. Each employee should write his own report to minimize some adverse factors to the environment. Schott Suzhou factory has passed ISO14000 certification. At the same time, they also have a good cooperative relationship with Suzhou environmental protection department and visit and learn from other factories in Suzhou. Humingyue said that Schott has won the environmental protection model unit of Suzhou high tech Zone every year. If Suzhou or Jiangsu Province inspects the environmental protection of enterprises, Schott has always been a model. Just five years after the establishment of Schott, the two founders began to cooperate with Carl? The cooperation of Zeiss foundation is a name that is unknown and well known in the field of optical lens. Volkerhaeusler said, Carl? Zeiss foundation has a strong sense of society. The articles of association formulated in 1896 clearly stipulated the implementation of social standards such as occupational safety, health protection and environmental protection standards. So at the beginning, Schott made many achievements in the society with strict requirements. At present, many enterprises have made efforts in this regard, and Schott implemented them as early as 100 years ago. At present, Schott has become one of the most social enterprises in the world

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