Comparison of plastic bag application between Chin

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Comparison of the application of plastic bags between China and Germany

in order to use plastic bags many times, many supermarkets in Germany no longer provide free plastic bags

plastic bags have long become a very common and inseparable thing in people's daily life. Although Chinese people are not unfamiliar with the word "white pollution", when people wrap vegetables in colorful plastic bags and put them in the refrigerator or even load big cake fried dough sticks and hot buns from snack bars, many people do not realize that white pollution is threatening their health

more and more experts pointed out that China should promote all the basic work of environmental protection plastic bags, and many cities have also begun to pay attention to this problem. "Reject the harm of recycled plastics and take the road of health and prosperity", which is the slogan put forward by the Patriotic Health Campaign Committee of Pudong New Area in Shanghai to promote degradable plastic bags

"for the health of you and your family, please use safe, environment-friendly and healthy food bags. This is wrong to bag. "For a long time, the Ministry of health of China has prohibited the use of recycled plastic bags for food packaging, because the raw materials of recycled plastic bags are mixed, and contain a variety of carcinogens such as polyvinyl chloride, which are very easy to be transferred to food after contact with food, and directly threaten human health. However, whether it is in farmers' markets or breakfast shops, it is very common to use colorful recyclable plastic bags to pack fish, vegetables, even steamed stuffed buns, fried dough sticks and other cooked foods. On The haipudong Patriotic Health Campaign Committee therefore once again vigorously promoted the so-called environmentally friendly plastic bags. According to reports, this kind of plastic bag can be degraded within a year, unlike renewable plastic, which takes 400 years. Zhuyuan market in Pudong New Area is the specification of hydraulic oil: at 20c, it was the first local market to promote degradable and environment-friendly plastic bags. Yu Qiaoying, the person in charge, said that the price of this kind of plastic bags is higher than that of ordinary plastic bags. Therefore, the Pudong Patriotic Health Campaign Committee has subsidized the stall owners in this market. Nevertheless, many people in Shanghai only think about convenience first, and don't care whether plastic bags are conducive to environmental protection and health

in Germany, people like to pack fruits and vegetables in paper bags. But in China, paper bag packaging is difficult to promote, because fresh fish and shrimp meat often cannot be packaged in paper bags. Even environmentally friendly plastic bags have been promoted very slowly due to price and other reasons. However, more and more people are beginning to realize the importance of environmental protection. According to official statistics, only 10% of garbage in Chinese cities has been professionally treated. In Shanghai, only a quarter of the garbage has been incinerated, and most of the garbage has entered the garbage dump. Many harmful substances have infiltrated into the ground with the rain, polluting the groundwater. Shanghai produces an average of 14000 tons of garbage per day, that is, one kilogram of crystalline polymers per capita. The Shanghai municipal government said it would solve this problem before the 2010 WorldExpo, and put forward the goals of protecting groundwater, building waste treatment equipment and implementing waste classification. The world bank will provide us $6million in support of the project

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