Comparison of foaming and piezoelectric technology

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Comparison between the application of foaming and piezoelectric technology in inkjet printers

at present, major manufacturers are targeting the inkjet printer market. Strengthen the offensive through the research and development of new technologies, and raise the competition in the inkjet market to the level that the export share of technology competition to emerging countries will also be greatly improved. Every time a new series of products is launched, it means that one or more new inkjet technologies have come out

inkjet method: foaming and piezoelectric technology are indistinguishable.

inkjet printer is based on inkjet method. According to the working principle, it can be divided into solid inkjet and liquid inkjet. The maximum length of the liquid inkjet test piece is 400mm, which can be divided into foaming type and piezoelectric type according to the customer's requirements

foaming technology is a high-temperature and high-pressure printing technology, in which ink bubbles are produced by heating the nozzle and sprayed onto the printing medium. Its working principle is: using a thin-film resistor, less than 0.5% of the ink is heated in the ink ejection area to form a bubble, which expands at a very fast speed (less than 10 microseconds) and forces the ink droplets to eject from the nozzle. The bubble continues to grow for a few microseconds and then disappears back to the resistor. When the bubble disappears, the ink in the nozzle retracts. Then the surface tension will produce suction, which will pull new ink to the ink ejection area

relevant experiments show that only oil dye based inks can print high-quality samples. Foaming inkjet technology is a system that uses water-based and oil-based dyes. It can get good print quality whether it is used in household printers or commercial printers. The ability to reduce the ejection area of ink droplets and the integrated circuit circulation technology are expected to make the ink droplets of ink-jet printers using this technology smaller in volume and higher in frequency. Low operating frequency, high number of nozzles and single print resolution are the basic elements of high-speed printing. Therefore, the foaming inkjet technology can improve the printing speed and the working efficiency of the printer. The continuously integrated circuit technology also enables the foaming inkjet technology to continuously reduce the cost and optimize the whole printing process

at present, the total number of nozzles of the foaming print head can reach hundreds or even thousands, and the diameter of each nozzle is equivalent to that of the hair. 4. The exclusive ink drop capacity of the environmental experimental conditions is at least 4PL. The ink heads of cyan, magenta and yellow inks are often integrated. By combining several small color ink drops, ink dots of different sizes can be formed to produce richer harmonious colors and smoother eye tones, while the ink heads of black inks are separate

because the ink cartridge and ink will generate pressure under the action of hot bubbles, the ink cartridge must form an integrated structure with the nozzle. When replacing the ink cartridge, the print head must be updated at the same time. In this way, users will no longer have to worry about nozzle blockage. However, this also results in relatively high cost of consumables

the ink head with foaming technology works in high temperature and high pressure environment for a long time, and the nozzle is seriously corroded. At the same time, it is easy to cause ink splash and nozzle blockage. In terms of print quality, because the ink needs to be heated in the process of use, and the ink is prone to chemical changes at high temperature, the nature is unstable, and the color authenticity will be affected to a certain extent; On the other hand, because the ink is ejected through bubbles, the directivity and volume of ink particles are not easy to grasp, and the edges of print lines are easy to be uneven, which affects the print quality to a certain extent

at present, there are many products using foaming technology, mainly products of Canon, HP and other companies

piezoelectric inkjet technology belongs to normal temperature and pressure printing technology, which places many small piezoelectric ceramics near the nozzle of the print head. The piezoelectric ceramics have the characteristics of extension or contraction deformation under the change of voltage at both ends. When the image information voltage is added to the piezoelectric ceramics, the telescopic vibration of the piezoelectric ceramics will change with the change of image information voltage, and make the ink in the ink head stable at normal temperature and pressure, wb=0.2g2/hz, Spray ink evenly and accurately

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