A huge fire broke out in the hottest carton factor

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A huge fire broke out in the carton factory, and black smoke shrouded half the sky. A worker died.

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core tip: on the afternoon of December 27, a fire broke out in a carton factory in Guxiang Town, Chao'an District, Chaozhou City, Guangdong Province. The fire was fierce at the scene, and black smoke shrouded half the sky! At about 21:00 on the same day, the Publicity Department of Chao'an district Party committee issued a notice that one worker in the carton factory where the fire occurred was injured and sent to hospital, which was invalid and died after rescue

the notification showed that at 14:15 on December 27, a fire occurred in gushanpu, Guxiang Town, Chao'an district. Because all the combustibles burning are paper scraps and other inflammables, the combustion supporting property is very strong, so that the fire spreads rapidly. The whole plant is instantly surrounded by the fire, and the tongue of fire spews out from above the plant, and the black smoke rushes into the sky, forming a huge mushroom cloud. During the fire, there are also explosions from time to time, which is very frightening

according to the pictures provided by the neighborhood, the thick smoke generated by the fire stretches for several kilometers, and people a few kilometers away can see the fire in the plant. According to friends, there is also a strong and pungent burning smell around the plant

there were workers trying to put out the fire on site, but the fire was too big. They could only watch the plant devoured by the fire and waited for the fire to arrive at the scene for rescue. After receiving the alarm, the local fire department sent out the police quickly. The emergency department of Chao'an district and Guxiang Town made every effort to do a good job in fighting and rescuing the wounded. Firefighters dispatched several water guns to spray water to suppress the fire plant. After fighting with all efforts, the fire and open fire were basically controlled until about 15:00 on the same day

after preliminary investigation, the fire occurred in a carton factory and a water polo accessories factory, with an area of about 1300 square meters. Jiang, a worker in the carton factory, was injured and sent to the hospital. After rescue, he died

at present, the cause of the fire and other conditions are being further investigated, and the follow-up work is being stepped up

2. Nip the fire hazard in the "cradle" and go home for a good new year

recently, the vast majority of cities in Guangdong have great potential for the development of China's plastic extruder industry. The temperature is still above 20 degrees Celsius, and the sky is dry and the earth is dry, which leads to frequent fire accidents. Zhongshan, Shantou, Foshan, Dongguan and Chaozhou have been suffering from continuous fire accidents, which is really a wave after wave

the fire was fiercer than the tiger. Although the loss was unknown, according to the scale of the carton factory, the loss was at least several million. I hope the accident did not cause casualties. The fire was merciless, and what burned down was not only the goods of entrepreneurs, but also their belongings and painstaking efforts. If it wanted to happen again, how could it be easy? Workers also mean unemployment, and there is no hard money to go home at the end of the year. Many families have been implicated and hit

it's not too late to mend the situation. In this case, we also remind the operators of other carton packaging enterprises to improve their awareness of fire safety, strengthen fire safety protection measures, pay special attention to the areas prone to fire in the plant area, and make up for the lack of fire-fighting equipment in the plant area as soon as possible, in case of need, self-examination and self correction, take precautions, and nip the fire hazard in the bud

how should factories prevent fire accidents

(I) implement fire control and strengthen fire management

1. Improve the fire safety management organization, determine people at all levels, formulate and improve fire safety rules and regulations, increase fire investment, strengthen daily fire management, eliminate fire violations, and rectify fire hazards

2. Formulate fire protection work plan, carry out monthly fire safety inspection, strengthen daily fire inspection, determine key fire prevention parts, clarify inspection contents, and instruct relevant workshop teams to correct problems in time

(II) strengthen fire protection publicity, education, training and exercises

1. Carry out a fire protection knowledge training for all employees, focusing on the training of post fire prevention technology, operating procedures, use methods of fire extinguishers and hydrants, evacuation and escape knowledge, and basic fire protection laws, regulations and rules

2. The current situation and the latest development trend of plastic flexible packaging materials. Organize a fire drill among all employees to practice fire-fighting skills and organize evacuation and escape skills

(III) improve technical preventive measures

1. Analyze the fire risk of various parts and posts of the factory, find out the weak links, and formulate targeted preventive measures

2. Check and improve the fire alarm system, automatic fire extinguishing system, fire signs and fire emergency lighting, fire truck access, emergency fire broadcasting and fire extinguishers to ensure they are in good condition

(IV) strengthen fire source supervision

1. Fireworks are strictly prohibited in the key parts of the factory in flammable and explosive places such as oil depots, gas cylinder stations, gas stations and boilers, and workers are not allowed to enter casually

2. In the plant with high fire and explosion risk, open fire and welding and cutting operations should be avoided as far as possible, and it is best to disassemble the repaired equipment or pipe section to a safe place for maintenance. When the maintenance must be carried out in situ, it must be carried out in accordance with the relevant provisions of hot work, and if necessary, it is also necessary to ask the fire brigade for on-site supervision

3. When hot work is carried out near pipe ditches, sewer pits, dead corners, etc. where combustible gas or steam is accumulated, it must be handled and inspected. Only when it is confirmed that there is no fire risk, can hot work be carried out according to the regulations

4. Stick to your post to prevent eye channeling and boiling pot leakage. At the same time, the refining equipment must be set up in a safe place for operation and manned by special personnel

5. In places with fire and explosion hazards, it is forbidden to use open fire to bake frozen pipeline equipment, and steam and hot water should be used to melt ice and unblock

6. For substances that react in mixed contact and cause spontaneous combustion, it is strictly prohibited to store and transport them together. For articles that are prone to spontaneous combustion or natural heating due to water absorption, the storage environment should be kept dry. For spontaneous combustion substances that are prone to intense oxidation and heat release in the air, they should be stored in a closed manner or immersed in appropriate neutral liquids (such as water, oil, etc.) and in contact with the air

7. Explosion proof electrical equipment must be used in flammable and explosive places, and the maintenance of electrical equipment should also be done well

8. Operators in flammable and explosive places must wear anti-static clothes, shoes and hats. It is strictly forbidden to wear nail shoes and chemical fiber clothes to enter. During operation, iron tools must be strictly prevented from hitting the ground

9. For places with fire and explosion hazards caused by electrostatic sparks, increasing environmental humidity can effectively reduce the harm of static electricity

10. Combustibles must be stored at a sufficient fire separation distance from the surface of high-temperature appliances and equipment, and combustibles cannot be stacked near the high-temperature surface

11. Molten slag, slag and other high-temperature substances should be handled safely to prevent them from falling into combustibles

due to the accumulation of three stars' research on plastics for so many years, 12. We should master the use method of fire extinguishing equipment. Water cannot be used to extinguish fires of alkali metals, metal carbides and oxides, because these substances will react violently with water, produce a lot of combustible gases and release a lot of heat, which will further expand the fire

13. Do not use water to extinguish electrical fires, because water can conduct electricity, which is prone to electric shock accidents; You can't use water to put out oil fires that are lighter than water, because oil floats on the water, which is

easy to spread the fire

14. Carefully analyze the parts of the factory that can produce fire sources, and take measures to prevent them one by one

15. The buffer can make the swing rod come back safely. Pay special attention to the selection, quality and daily management of wires and electrical supplies

16. The use of open flames should be approved, especially electrical welding, equipment maintenance, building decoration, etc

17. Check the places that are prone to sparks and flammable and explosive gases in production

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