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Thoughts on the sustainable development of security cable enterprises

up to now, the open market economy needs to shut down and cut off the power supply immediately when it finds an abnormal state to achieve continuous development and prosperity, forming a highly competitive market pattern. However, when enterprises enter the 21st century, the economy is no longer determined by pure benefit competition. Therefore, it is impossible to judge the efficiency and development of an enterprise by the amount of profits alone. Therefore, the operation and development of an enterprise has stepped out of the development path and requirements of the initial enterprise, and has been affected by many factors such as the enterprise's management mode, natural resources, human resources, quality assurance, corporate culture and so on. Therefore, if an enterprise wants to get continuous development, it must maintain its sustainable development direction, so that it can be in an invincible position in the competition and obtain the best and most long-term interests

with the growth and expansion of the security industry, security cable enterprises have also made considerable progress, from the initial single variety, low degree of specialization, weak sense of competition, and then into a variety of varieties, market segmentation more and more professional, competitive situation, thus contributing to the progress of the security industry

the most annual planned investment of 15.1 billion yuan was in environmental protection. Due to the increasing productivity of the environment in which human beings live together, it causes various degrees of pollution and destruction, endangering the development of human beings. Therefore, countries and regions around the world have put forward the concept of environmental protection and sustainable development, requiring people to consider the impact on the environment and the sustainability of future development while developing. From the perspective of intergenerational relations, sustainable development is "the development that meets the needs of contemporary people without endangering the future generations to meet their needs". So, how to maintain its sustainable development in an enterprise

the development of enterprises is a challenge for each enterprise to the competitive pattern and environment. It faces the best combination of the overall effectiveness of the whole enterprise in terms of management mode, utilization of human resources, utilization of natural resources and its impact on the environment, quality awareness, corporate culture and so on. Only by playing their active role in these aspects can enterprises meet the requirements of sustainable development. Below, we will look for some ideas to maintain the sustainable development of enterprises in the field of security cables

first, the impact of enterprise management on sustainable development

enterprise and survival and development, in fact, is a pattern that maintains the harmony of "supply production marketing". This pattern is also a food chain in the biological world, and management is to deal with all aspects of this "food chain" so as to achieve harmony. Otherwise, if it cannot be linked, the survival and development of enterprises will encounter a series of problems

the supply of security cable enterprises mainly includes copper, plastic and other materials for manufacturing cables. Production mainly refers to the use of appropriate equipment to produce a series of cable connection products required by the security industry, and marketing mainly refers to the sale of products to appropriate customers to contribute to the development of the industry

whether the management of the enterprise is reasonable is the key to the development of the enterprise. Good management can achieve a harmonious and efficient pattern to return the investment of investors, managers and production staff. Poor management can hinder the survival and development of enterprises. Therefore, the management mode of enterprises, the quality of managers, the composition of managers, the relationship between managers, and the mental state of managers are extremely important for the development of enterprises. With the continuous attention of enterprise management, the management discipline has put forward many management modes, such as lean production, six sigma mode, 7S on-site management, talent management, flexible management and so on, which have achieved good results in all security cable enterprises

as we all know, copper accounts for 60~80% of the product price in the raw materials of the cable industry. According to incomplete statistics, there are more than 7000 cable enterprises across the country. In addition, the substantial fluctuations in raw material prices and fierce competition over a period of time have brought great challenges to the management of cable enterprises. If a mature security cable enterprise does not want benefits and costs from management, It is likely that "one careless move will lose the whole game", and the survival and development of enterprises will encounter "bottlenecks" from time to time. Strengthen internal management to provide a basis for sustainable development. Strengthening internal management is an eternal topic for enterprises. Without scientific and effective internal management, the sustainable development of enterprises will lose its foundation. Therefore, security cable enterprises should adhere to the construction of reasonable workflow and perfect rules and regulations to effectively solve the outstanding problems affecting the sustainable development of enterprises. On the basis of in-depth analysis of the internal human, financial and material conditions of the enterprise, as well as the external market environment and social conditions, we should improve the business process, ensure the orderly and effective operation of various businesses of the enterprise, and prevent the occurrence of the phenomenon of giving consideration to one thing and losing another and short-term behavior; Be good at grasping some key links such as marketing, financial management and income distribution to promote enterprise management innovation, so that various mechanisms and systems can be organically combined and play a role together to promote the improvement of enterprise management quality and level; Considering all kinds of problems related to the immediate performance and sustainable development of the enterprise, the crack enlargement coefficient is about 1.50 ⑵ 34;, Based on both the current and the long-term, improve the management mechanism, optimize the allocation of resources, improve deficiencies, truly realize the immediate interests without damaging the long-term interests, and pursue the current development is conducive to future development

however, in order to succeed in management, cable enterprises should not only pay attention to the behavior of managers and the relationship between managers, but also study the relationship between managers and enterprise organizations, enterprise organizations and enterprises and social environment. It can be said that enterprises also need to emancipate the mind, seek truth from facts, and promote the management team to knowledge, youth and modernization. Only in this way, in the way of the replacement of the old and the new, the exchange of experience and science, and the combination of theory and practice, can we ensure a strong management and decision-making level, so that the enterprise can develop stably and further stabilize in the development, step by step

II. The support of independent innovation of enterprises for sustainable development

security cable enterprises should promote independent innovation in production and operation to provide support for sustainable development. Innovation is the soul of a nation's progress, the inexhaustible driving force for a country's prosperity, and also an effective way for an enterprise to achieve development and win advantages. In the increasingly fierce competition at home and abroad, in order to take the initiative, security cable enterprises must put the improvement of independent innovation ability in a prominent position and strive to grasp the "magic weapon" to win market competition. First, take supporting development as the foothold of independent innovation. While adhering to the introduction of technology, we should tap the potential of enterprises, strengthen independent research and development, and strive to master core technologies and own independent intellectual property rights in several important fields, so as to promote the optimization and upgrading of leading industries and advantageous products. Second, strengthen original innovation and integrated innovation. Original innovation, integrated innovation and introduction, digestion, absorption and re innovation are the three basic ways of independent innovation. The introduction of digestion, absorption and re innovation is conducive to quickly shorten the gap with the advanced level, while the original innovation and integrated innovation are more conducive to the formation of their own proprietary technology and the formation of the core competitiveness of enterprises. Many multinational companies in the world form proprietary technology through original innovation and establish the "leader" position in an industry through integrated innovation. Therefore, to strengthen independent innovation, security cable enterprises should focus on improving the ability of original innovation and integrated innovation. The third is to change the traditional research and development mode of working alone and behind closed doors. By means of brain borrowing, cooperation, collaboration, and the establishment of R & D centers in large and medium-sized cities with better talent concentration and conditions, we can effectively integrate relevant R & D resources, improve R & D efficiency, and enhance the R & D capacity of enterprises. Fourth, attach great importance to the market orientation of independent innovation. With the goal of constantly adapting to and meeting market demand, we will actively develop new products that are urgently needed in the market, favored by users and have excellent performance, and vigorously explore new markets

in the development process, security cable enterprises should always follow the needs of the development of the security industry, and timely launch their own cables for security products to meet the needs of the market. This also requires our security cable enterprises to grasp the pulse of the market, understand market information, strengthen research and development, and truly become bigger and stronger to achieve the vision of sustainable development

at this stage, security cable enterprises have strengthened the research and development and promotion of products, strengthened cooperation and exchanges with external professional institutions such as colleges and universities, cable scientific research institutions and industry organizations during 2015 (2) and 2020, and timely borrowed "external brain" to promote the development of enterprises, which has played a more obvious role in the maturity of the industry

Third, the use of human resources

with the strengthening of modern enterprise management concepts, many enterprises believe that the development and investment of human resources has become more important than the investment in fixed assets. Competing to hire technical and management talents has become the strategic policy of many security cable enterprises. It is precisely because of the gradual emphasis on the "people-oriented" development trend that recruitment, training, development, welfare and so on have become the basic content of human resources. The understanding of talents is not only limited to the talent view in the era of "diploma represents talent", but also to have excellent skills in professional technology and dare to innovate in practice

how to train and develop human resources? And how to make this kind of talent really play its role? First of all, there are several ways to cultivate talents. One is to explore their potential from the front-line production backbones and further strengthen their comprehensive quality education in other aspects. The other is to strengthen the application ability of practice and mastering technology among the scientific and technological management personnel who already have a high theoretical level. In addition, we should dare to promote and reuse these talents, and there should also be incentive forms in the performance of welfare, so as to improve the enthusiasm of work, so that these comprehensive quality talents can communicate with each other, "make the best use of everything, make the best use of people", and give full play to the real role of talents. In particular, the use of young high-cultural and high-tech talents can promote the development of enterprises

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