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Comparison of several drying heat sources of gravure press

different from domestic gravure press, the drying heat source of imported gravure press is usually not designated by the manufacturer, but selected and determined by the user. Steam was the most commonly used heat source for gravure printing machine drying in the past, but in recent years, other heat sources have become more and more common. These heat sources have their own advantages and disadvantages, which often make users feel embarrassed when selecting them. Generally speaking, the maximum drying temperature that the heat source can achieve, temperature characteristics, complexity of the drying system, investment and use cost of the drying system are the main factors to be considered, but the most critical is the process requirements adopted, namely, printing, coating, compounding and other inking or gluing volume, and production speed requirements

in China, the choice of drying heat source also depends to a large extent on the information related to the heat source. First connect the universal joint to the upper connecting base

comparison project



hot oil


maximum drying temperature

medium and low temperature (temperature depends on steam pressure and exchanger type)

high temperature

high temperature (up to f)

gas: high temperature (up to 350, general f)

drying temperature characteristics

are relatively stable, and there is no instantaneous temperature peak phenomenon; The heating speed is slow

it is relatively stable, similar to steam, and the heating speed is fast

it has good stability. The other is the archives of various metal cutting equipment, transportation equipment, mining equipment, lifting equipment and some instruments and meters. The heating speed is fast

the heating speed is fast, easy to be disturbed, and unstable

the drying device

has a large structure, occupies a large space, and the appearance is not neat and beautiful.

new controller: stable startup Leakage proof, low temperature, long service life of exchanger

the structure is complex, and the leakage proof

control is complex, with high sensitivity requirements, Temperature sensitive materials (such as thin films) may burn out materials

introduction to the model of bicycle aluminum alloy tension machine

low use cost (lower than electric heating)

higher in most areas

low use cost (lower than electric heating)

generally low use cost

large area of use

limited use in some such environments (such as in some development zones), It needs careful maintenance

it can be used in any area with a small floor area and no leakage

it can be used in any area, but it requires proper space to place hot oil containers

it requires gas with high cleanliness (the favorite use in North America), and it is unconditionally used in many areas

the main problems

there is a risk of leakage, and the installation space of auxiliary facilities is large There may be environmental pollution in non central heating

hot oil containers need a certain safe distance

greatly affected by the supply of gas sources

investment cost

less investment, but possible maintenance costs are larger

higher (5-10% higher than steam heating)

investment cost is higher

low. In direct combustion, the cost is only 1/3-1/5 of electric heating

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