Comparison of technical performance between the ho

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Comparison of technical performance between half feed and full feed harvesters

comparison of technical performance between half feed and full feed harvesters:

1 The structure and principle of half feed harvester is more complex than that of full feed harvester. Once there is a fault, it is difficult to remove and repair, the parts are expensive, and it is difficult to disassemble and repair. The green building action is required. The full feed harvester has the advantages of simple structure, many parts can be seen and touched, easy to repair and eliminate faults, suitable for farmers' machine hands, low repair costs and so on. Farmers are willing to use the full feed harvester for operation

2. Economic benefit analysis, such as a Yangma CE_ 2m half feed and one Zhejiang Sanlian 4lz_ The comparison and acceptance of 1.8 type full feed harvester, the same paddy field, the same time, each machine harvest 2 mu area, the Yangma machine harvest in 18 minutes and 42 seconds, the Zhejiang Sanlian 19 minutes and 31 seconds also harvest, the triple line is 40 seconds shorter than the Yangma machine, which may be related to the technical proficiency of the operator. The total loss rate of the triple harvester is less than 3.5%, while the total loss rate of the Yangma harvester is often more than 3.5%, because the machine uses the chain to drive the grain feeding device, and the loss rate is large under the force of the mechanical transmission chain. Therefore, farmers have different views on half feeding harvesters. Fully feed the harvester, and with the cooperation of the harvesting speed and the reel, pull the rice into the auger slot to ensure that the rice trees and grains are complete and the loss is less

3. Some farmers in the South also have farm cattle. Therefore, during the harvesting operation of the half feed harvester, the whole body of the rice straw is not rolled by the thresher. The rice straw is hard and the old leaves have mud ash. The farm cattle don't like to eat it. The farmers are not willing to ask the half feed harvester to work, but the full feed harvester is suitable for both early and late production

4. The comparative analysis of purchase price can make the graph display a Yangma CE with the best scale_ 2m harvester, priced at more than 210000 yuan each, a Zhejiang Sanlian 4lz_ The price of 1.8 full feed harvester is 49500 yuan. Farmers think that if they buy a horse, they can buy four Zhejiang Sanlian. We farmers don't have so much money to buy a horse machine, so we can buy a full feed harvester with the main goal of increasing variety, improving quality and economic benefits

5. Failure analysis: the half feeding Yangma harvester does not have many failures after 1-2 years of use, and the failures in the third year are very obvious. Sometimes there are one or more failures a day. The repair and spare parts costs of the machine are very expensive, and farmers can't afford to buy it. Therefore, they are unwilling to use this machine. Zhejiang Sanlian full feed harvester, although there are many failures, has set up a special bar for it, but the parts are cheap and the repair cost is low. Farmers like to use full feed agricultural harvesting machinery, which is one of the ideal machines and tools

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