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Innovative development has made Jiangxi Dingsheng glass "proud of the Jianghu"

new environmental protection materials developed by industry university research cooperation popular in the market, and the dividends of new products introduced by technology continue Facing the cold winter of the glass industry, Jiangxi Dingsheng Glass Industry Co., Ltd., with "new momentum", sees opportunities, not crises

over the past ten years, Dingsheng company, which was born in Jiangxi Dingfeng Glass Co., Ltd., has transformed from a large ordinary daily-use glass products manufacturing company in Jiangxi Province to an important local emerging new material high-tech company through continuous transformation and adjustment

Dingsheng company took the lead in market driven transformation, extending from the production of glass raw materials to the production of wine bottles, forming an industrial chain in 2001. After the transformation, the company supplied goods to a well-known wine enterprise in Jiangxi, which was once prosperous in production and sales, and gradually developed into a large wine bottle production enterprise in the province, with an annual output value of more than 30 million yuan at the highest time, and the market also expanded to surrounding provinces

ordinary wine bottles are low-end glass products, and the value of the products is low with servo electromechanical as the power source. Around 2006, there was fierce competition in the industry, large inventory in the off-season, slow settlement of payment for goods by liquor enterprises, and increasingly thin industry profits. Dingsheng company had to transform for the second time. Through market investigation at home and abroad, it began to make imitation jade and special-shaped glassware such as tea sets and wine sets

at the beginning, the effect of the second transformation of Dingsheng company was obvious. 90% of glassware is exported abroad, with an annual export value of more than 200million yuan. However, the good times didn't last long. Because glassware was very popular abroad, but the production technology threshold was low. Domestic enterprises "a nest of hydraulic universal experimental machines are operated by electromechanical driving hydraulic oil pumps", which launched the production line, once again causing competitive price reduction and serious "internal friction" in the industry

zhangqiangjin, chairman of Dingsheng company, told that around 2012, the profit margin of exported glassware products not only fell to the level of breakeven and meager profit, but also with the spread of the economic downward trend, the demand in foreign markets was weak, and the export volume of the company's products fell sharply by nearly 40%

in desperation, Dingsheng company began its third product transformation. "Through the first two transformations, we understand the concept of differentiated competition." Zhang Qiangjin said that the glassware market is sluggish and the profit is low. If you want to develop, you have to find other differentiated products. Found that lightweight glass mineral water bottles are very popular at home and abroad 1 After the tensile test was popular and there was a technical threshold in production, the company introduced production technology and equipment from abroad to produce this product

"new technologies and products have brought new growth points to the enterprise, but this transformation has not touched me the most." Zhang Qiangjin said that when the production line was introduced, the foreign company sent a guidance team of more than 10 people, which made him see the "gold content" of science and technology, and also understood that the slow development of the company was rooted in insufficient innovation and lack of core competitiveness

"it's better to innovate independently and build core competitiveness than to be ready for passive transformation." Based on the past experience and lessons, Dingsheng company began its fourth transformation in 2014

through investigation and interview, Zhang Qiangjin learned that "float glass ceramics" technology is at the forefront of the industry. A research team from Wuhan University of technology passed the pilot test before mass production. The new materials produced have obvious advantages in performance and environmental protection, and have broad market prospects

"it represents the future development direction of the building materials industry and is the 'new kinetic energy' for the development of the glass industry. At that time, I decided to carry out industry university research cooperation with Wuhan University of technology." Zhang Qiangjin said. In 2016, Dingsheng's first domestic float glass-ceramic production line was successfully put into operation

"nowadays, some domestic and foreign new material enterprises have come to consult and cooperate one after another, which has doubled our confidence in new products." Zhang Qiangjin said

at present, Dingsheng company has developed from a small manufacturing company covering an area of more than 90 Mu to a new glass products and new materials company covering an area of more than 900 mu, and its output value is expected to reach 600million yuan this year. At the same time, Dingsheng company also cooperates with colleges and universities to plan a new microcrystalline Decorative Material Industrial Park project with a total investment of 2.7 billion yuan to produce microcrystalline glass and its extension products

"there is no backward industry, only the friction surface should be absolutely clean and backward products." In the interview, Zhang Qiangjin said that the company eliminated backward production capacity in the four transformations and realized innovative development, which brought him enlightenment: product R & D and innovation should be strengthened and accelerated, and we should stand at the front of the industry and constantly extend the industrial chain

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