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Innovation,, return -- Hongxing president Zhang participated in the Vietnam Business Forum

yesterday afternoon, the "Vietnam Business Forum" jointly hosted by the Municipal Economic and Trade Commission and the municipal Vietnam business innovation promotion association was held in Shaoxing. More than 100 Vietnamese business representatives and heads of the municipal government gathered to discuss the theme of "innovation, intelligence, ultrabook, led and smart home appliances are the highlight of the electronic information and electrical appliance industry". As a representative of the mechanical instrument industry, president Zhang Hongxing was invited to participate in the forum

At the forum, Dr. zhaoyanxia from the Beijing Academy of Social Sciences delivered a keynote report on "headquarters economic theory and Shaoxing development". Comprehensive hiant services for how to expand and return to the economy, she suggested that Shaoxing should clarify its functional positioning, rely on industrial advantages, and focus on cultivating enterprise headquarters in the textile and machinery manufacturing industries

general manager Zhang of Hongxing company and other industry representatives made keynote speeches at the forum. Mr. Zhang reviewed the past. When the tunnan friction auxiliary lower plate lifting system industrial zone was built, Hongxing company took the lead in moving back to tunnan from Xiaojin. The location and people were harmonious, and the company made great progress; Looking forward to the future, after the companies set up in other provinces grow, the headquarters will also return to their hometown

over the past three decades of reform and opening up, the Vietnamese business community has continued to grow. In recent years, Shaoxing is committed to becoming bigger and stronger, returning to the economy, and making every effort to sing "the Phoenix returns to its nest". In order to bridge the gap between overseas Vietnamese businesses and return to their hometown for entrepreneurship, overseas bosses are encouraged to return to their hometown for entrepreneurship through fellowship and talks, so as to feed back to their hometown

president Zhang said that the home government has established a set of systems to protect enterprises by adjusting the spotlight to the center of vision (most of the research microscopes you can use must do this action), which has created a loose environment for returning home to start a business. He really realized that today's entrepreneurs "have honor in politics, status in society, and backing in management".

source of the article: Shangyu Hongxing Machinery and Instrument Manufacturing Co., Ltd

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