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Application of dmc300a motion controller in tungsten wire winder system

Author: Yao Limin

Abstract: using the efficient acceleration, high-speed operation and high-precision linear interpolation function of Keruite automated dmc300a motion controller for stepper motor control, the control requirements of high-speed winder are realized, including titanium pedicle screws and PCU stabilizers (Gaskets); Using the register instruction and operation instruction of dmc300a controller, the requirement of flexible parameter change of winding machine for products of different specifications is realized; Using the open display instructions of dmc300a controller, the display requirements of state information during equipment operation are realized

key words: dmc300a motion controller stepper motor winding machine linear interpolation kritt automation

1. Introduction since the 21st century, all kinds of science and technology have developed rapidly; In China, Shenzhou V and Shenzhou VI have been successfully launched, but the popularization of automation equipment and technological upgrading are far behind the development of the times. In the field of industrial production, the revenue of semi-automatic and manual production exceeded 200 billion yuan to 220.414 billion yuan, and labor and other phenomena that require a lot of labor are still widespread. Taking the Pearl River Delta region where I am located as an example, although it is the most industrialized and automated region in China, almost all industrial areas are still composed of factories with a large number of manual operators as the main productivity; In the reality that it is more and more difficult to recruit workers and the minimum wage of workers continues to increase, through the technical upgrading of the original production equipment control system, in order to improve the automation level of equipment, improve the production efficiency of equipment and improve the qualification rate of products, it has become an inevitable choice for enterprises to survive without delay

Keruite automatic DMC series motion controller is a professional high-end general motion controller specially developed and designed for automatic equipment such as production and testing involving fixed length, positioning and graphic curve processing. It has powerful functions and is simple to use. It can completely replace "PLC + text display" and replace the existing non professional control system for stepper motors in the market

through the control practice of tungsten wire high-speed winding equipment in a lighting product factory in Dongguan, good results have been achieved in terms of production efficiency, product qualification rate and stable equipment operation. Compared with the original equipment, it has a qualitative leap in performance. It has been used in batches and is of great promotion value

c300a motion controller introduction

dmc300a controller adopts high-performance "dsp+fpga" master control, with rich system resources, powerful functions and simple use:

l32m storage space: 768 programs and 768 parameter groups are supported, and each parameter group includes 4096 parameters. The program and parameter array can be arbitrarily corresponding, that is, 768 are supported in theory × 768 product specifications

l complete three-axis CNC system: it supports any two axis linear and circular interpolation, and each axis has two hardware limit points

lio interface is sufficient: 16 inputs and 8 outputs, the logical relationship is determined in the program, and the function can be completely customized

l high speed and high performance: support 200kHz pulse frequency per axis, standard output trapezoidal acceleration curve

l convenient human-computer interaction: embedded keyboard module, 128 × 64 dot matrix liquid crystal display, providing display instructions, and users can flexibly control the display

l high performance kernel module: the system provides a complete instruction system to support users to carry out convenient secondary programming. For non-standard CNC systems, it is completely superior to G code programming

l convenient programming: you can program and download user programs on PC, or program directly on keyboard

3. Analysis of the original equipment control system

the winding machine equipment was originally equipped with a control system made in Taiwan, mainly for the high-speed winding of tungsten wires for lighting products. The control system consists of a special CNC controller, an AC motor, a 200 wire encoder, an 86 series stepping motor and a driver

control principle: the AC motor drives the winding to rotate, and drives the rotation to the 200 wire encoder. The encoder pulse signal is connected to the controller. Through the preset parameters, the encoder pulse digital filter is connected to the stepper motor driver to complete the stepper motor's control of the cable arrangement

reality: the system aims at the continuous and consistent tungsten wire winding demand. Although the efficiency is low, it can basically meet the requirements; However, for the current demand for more and more segmented interval winding, the maximum winding speed is no more than 500 rpm, and the defect rate of wound products is too high, and the qualified rate is only about 87%, which greatly increases the pressure of subsequent processing, and the overall efficiency is extremely low, so that the factory dare not accept orders because of this problem; It is urgent to improve the performance of the equipment

technical analysis: due to the inherent defects of the original system control framework, this phenomenon is inevitable: the problem mainly lies in the low speed of the wiring motor (stepping motor); Stepper motor is a rigid actuator, and the drive circuit generally adopts open-loop control, so the stepper motor can only be started at a lower speed, and gradually reach a higher running speed after acceleration. Otherwise, the stepper motor will lose its step, and then lose control

the original system controls the winding stepper motor by passively digital filtering the received encoder pulse, which has a fixed pulse frequency due to the uniform speed of the winding motor when the equipment is running; Therefore, for continuous and uniform winding, although unqualified products are wound at the start, because the AC motor is also started at a low speed, an acceleration process is naturally obtained for the flat wire motor. Although the acceleration is not ideal, it can reach a higher speed after all, so in this case, the system is barely feasible; However, for segmented interval winding, it is difficult for hardware or software to achieve the pulse signal that meets the operating characteristics of stepping motor through digital filtering of a fixed frequency pulse, and also to meet the set interval winding parameters. Therefore, in order to "improve the quality" and optimize the equipment performance, we must optimize the system control framework

4. Using the system analysis of dmc300a

for the winding system, especially the demand of interval winding, the optimal scheme is to use two stepping motors for linear interpolation, but this is based on the high speed and high precision of the control system

for dmc300a system, high speed and high precision are not a problem. Under the condition of linear interpolation, dmc300a system can control the stepping motor to accelerate to 3000 rpm in about 500 milliseconds

remove the AC motor and encoder, and change to a two axis stepping system to complete the winding process through linear interpolation

for continuous and uniform winding, only one straight line interpolation needs to be set; For segmented interval winding, how many segments of straight line interpolation is set; The actual application is a section of tight winding (cap, which has requirements for the number and length of winding coils), and a section of jumping (gap, which requires that the less the number of winding coils, the better, and the length has requirements); The high-precision linear interpolation performance of dmc300a is used to realize uniform cable arrangement

the parameter input interface is set as: the operator sets the winding speed (RPM), gap speed (RPM), cap length, cap turns, gap length, gap turns

display function: display the current cap length, number of laps, gap length and number of laps during operation

start stop control: run the program when "run" grounding is valid, "start processing when" IN0 "grounding is valid," stop processing when "grounding is valid

alarm detection: "in1" detects and judges the disconnection. If the disconnection occurs, the system stops working

5. Realization of motor control function

in the actual system, the winding axis is defined as X axis, and the wiring axis is defined as y axis; 32 subdivisions are adopted for the stepper motor driver of the wiring shaft, that is, the controller sends 6400 pulses, the motor rotates for one cycle, and the wiring is 30mm; The starting driver of the winding shaft stepper motor adopts 8 subdivisions, that is, the controller sends 1600 pulses, and the motor rotates for one cycle, that is, winding for one cycle

setting of winding speed: just insert the speed command in the linear interpolation motion command; However, it is necessary to convert the speed setting value into the pulse frequency setting value in the program: (the speed is s0010 unit: RPM)

movmm10, S10



after calculation, the value in M10 is the pulse frequency value

similarly, the setting of gap speed:

movmm10, s11



after calculation, the value in M10 is the pulse frequency value

in linear interpolation, the motion distance of the two motion axes is determined by gap/cap segment, the total number of motion cycles of the two motors, and the subdivision of the driver; (gap segment: gap lap number s0012, gap length s0001)

movmm20, s12


movmm21, s1



after calculation, the instruction "linid3, M20, M21" can realize the gap segment movement

similarly, cap segment: the number of cap turns s0013, and the cap length s0002 are calculated as follows:

movmm22, s13


movmm23, s2



after calculation, the command "linid3, M22, M23" can realize the movement of the cap segment

6. Implementation of parameter setting

parameters related to product specification are: winding speed, gap speed, number of cap turns, cap distance, number of gap turns, gap distance, a total of 6 parameters. Dmc300a supports up to 768 × The four parameters can be set in the form of visual parameters. That is, in the standby mode of dmc300a controller, press the 'parameter key' to display the interface as shown in the following figure (turn the page to display another one):

the text on the left is the picture drawn by the drawing tool of windows system, which is downloaded to the controller; On the right are four s register value input areas, and the corresponding s register serial numbers can be specified during image download

the four s registers in picture 1 are specified as s0010, s0011, s0012 and s0001 respectively

picture two and four s registers refer to

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