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Sinotruk-i innovation project won the first prize of Jinan technological innovation

sinotruk-i innovation project won the first prize of Jinan technological innovation

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recently, in the skill achievement selection of high skilled talents in Jinan, The "development and application of spindle governor of new pneumatic machining center" declared by Wang Yuanchen, head of "CNC maintenance innovation studio" of Jinan Power Department of China Heavy Duty Truck Co., Ltd. won the first prize of Jinan technological innovation group

the project focuses on the localization transformation of some parts of the equipment aiming at the problem that the force measured by the imported processing center cannot be decomposed into two components, which produce the beginning and expansion of tear. The maintenance cycle of the equipment is long, and the replacement cycle of equipment spare parts is long, which affects the normal production. Through technological transformation, the self-developed spindle governor has been verified to be stable in operation. It uses different combinations of materials to meet the requirements of various technical indicators. At the same time, it breaks the monopoly of foreign technology and spare parts, and fills the gap in the development technology of spindle governor. In addition, the spindle governor has low development cost and convenient installation, and strives to improve its performance in microfiltration membrane, ultrafiltration membrane, nanofiltration membrane Breakthroughs have been made in membrane materials and membrane components such as reverse osmosis membranes, which have saved a lot of procurement costs for spare shock parts

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