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Direct drive technology can be used in mold cutting machine with high efficiency, high accuracy and low cost. The application of direct drive technology to complete the experimental process in Flana

the use of the experimental machine should be stopped immediately. The machine tool not only has compact assembly and stable operation, but also improves the accuracy and reduces the cost

the traditional mold cutting machine adopts gear transmission, which not only has complex structure and high cost, Moreover, the stability and accuracy are difficult to meet the needs of customers. More and more post press processing enterprises have realized this, and gradually use direct drive technology to redesign their die cutting machine, which not only reduces machine parts and noise, but also greatly improves the accuracy of the machine, thereby improving the overall production capacity of the die cutting machine

the so-called direct drive is to directly couple or connect the direct drive rotating motor (DDR) or direct drive linear motor (DDL) to the driven load, so as to achieve rigid coupling with the load. Due to the elimination of transmission belts, gearboxes and other components, the direct drive solution simplifies the machine design, eliminates the noisy mechanical transmission and the performance limitations associated with this transmission, and has the advantages of maintenance free, high stiffness, no lubrication, high positioning accuracy, stable speed, quiet operation, etc. Therefore, it has become an ideal choice for applications in printing, packaging and other fields, greatly improving the productivity and reliability of the equipment. At the same time, due to compact assembly, few parts, convenient installation and use, it can also help OEM manufacturers quickly bring products to the market

direct drive rotating motor, sometimes called torque motor, can directly connect the load to the motor, and can produce higher torque at relatively low speed, which can be applied to high-speed chip sorter. The benefits that DDR can bring to customers are: clean mechanical parts; The servo performance is improved, and DDR can improve the accuracy by 50 times; Maintenance free, DDR has neither belts that need to be tensioned and adjusted, nor gears that will leak and need lubrication; Improve repeatability; Reduce machine downtime; The operation noise is low, and the noise can be reduced by up to 20dB

cartridgeddr (CDDR) motor is a new patented product of Danaher transmission, which is composed of strain gauges, elastic elements and some accessories (compensation elements, protective covers, wiring sockets, loading parts). It is the first motor in the industry that combines the space saving and performance advantages of frameless motor technology with the ease of installation of full frame motor. CDDR motor is composed of a rotor, stator and high-resolution feedback device with working integrity. It does not contain bearings. When installed on the machine, the rotor of the motor is supported by the existing bearings of the machine

the innovative compression coupling engages the rotor to the load, integrating the two, eliminating the flexibility between the motor and the load. The frame of CDDR motor is installed on the machine with the same bolt circumference and guide hole diameter as the conventional servo motor, which saves space and design time and simplifies the whole system

cddr has CE certification and meets UL global application standards. It can be used for 230V, 400V and 480v voltages to meet the maximum design flexibility and robust operation. CDDR has five frame specifications, including 4.25, 5.4, 7.4, 9.8 and 13.7in2 (1in2=6.45 × m2)。 CDDR mining Yifeng county is also the area with concentrated lithium resources and the richest reserves in Yichun city. S300 and S600 standard drive systems are used, and C09 and C13 have through-hole options. The continuous torque of CDDR is 4.6~510nm, the peak torque is 11.3~1017nm, and the maximum speed is up to 2500r/min

compared with other direct drive motor configurations, CDDR motors have made a significant leap in cost-effectiveness and ease of use. The installation and commissioning of frame motor and feedback device takes several months, while CDDR only needs to align the shaft with the guide device simply, and the time from taking it out of the transfer box to starting operation is only 5min. CDDR motor can be installed in any direction, including horizontal axis or vertical axis

a world leading post press processing enterprise initially used gear driven die cutting machines. However, with the continuous improvement of users' requirements for the accuracy and efficiency of machine tools, the original transmission mode is far from meeting the needs of customers. Later, this enterprise learned the benefits of direct drive technology, and redesigned their entire die cutting machine mainly with the patented CDDR motor. The newly designed machine eliminates gears, speed governing belts, gear boxes, bearing seats, mounting brackets, gear oiling boxes, phasers, pneumatic clutches, pulleys, position motors and more than 100 parts. This design has brought remarkable benefits to this enterprise. It not only reduces the noise by 20+db, reduces the number of parts by more than 100, but also enhances the accuracy by more than 10 times, and increases the overall production capacity of the machine tool by 20%

the engineering manager of this enterprise said that the mold cutting machine with direct drive technology is the most stable model they have ever seen. Their customers have shown full interest in this redesigned machine tool, and the demand for it has far exceeded their imagination. After seeing the new machine tool, one of the German customers immediately cancelled the original order and said, "I want to replace it with this machine tool."

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