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Innovation promotes Zoomlion material conveying equipment to enter the world

innovation promotes Zoomlion material conveying equipment to enter the world

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Guide: Zoomlion material conveying equipment company mainly specializes in the R & D, design, manufacturing and sales of bulk material conveying equipment and systems, including conveying machinery and loading and unloading machinery. The products have high technical content and entry threshold. The main products include bucket wheel stacker reclaimer, circular pipe belt conveyor system, port loading and unloading

Zoomlion material handling equipment company is mainly engaged in the R & D, design, manufacturing and sales of bulk material handling equipment and systems, including conveying machinery and loading and unloading machinery. The products have high technical content and entry threshold. The main products include bucket wheel stacker reclaimer, circular pipe belt conveyor system, port loading and unloading system, portal crane, bulk material conveyor system, etc. it has a large number of well-known enterprise customer groups at home and abroad, such as Chinalco group, WISCO group, South Korea POSCO Zhuxing society, Huainan Mining Group, Jiangxi Copper Co., Ltd. It has achieved exports in Australia, Brazil, European and American markets, South Korea, India, Turkey and other overseas markets

all products produced by the material handling equipment company are non-standard products. As the name suggests, non-standard products refer to products or equipment that are not manufactured in accordance with the unified industrial standards and Specifications issued by the state, but are customized products for customers on the premise of meeting customer requirements. Because customers have different uses and needs, different products or equipment are designed and manufactured, and the important role they can play in helping traditional enterprises in the process of transformation and upgrading is different in appearance or performance, every project is a new project, and every product (or complete set of equipment) is a new product

in the past two years, material handling equipment companies have made remarkable achievements in independent R & D and innovation

independently develop the largest bulk material conveying equipment in China

vale of Brazil is the world's largest iron ore production and exporter, and also the largest mining company investment company in the American continent. It is known as Brazil's "crown jewel" and "the engine of the Amazon region". The qlz10400 · 50 bucket wheel stacker reclaimer developed and designed by the material handling equipment company for its port in Saint Louis, Brazil, is one of the largest bulk material handling equipment designed by itself in China at present, and it is also the first time that Vale purchases equipment from Chinese enterprises

qlz10400 · 50 bucket wheel reclaimer has a rated reclaiming productivity of 10400t/h and a maximum reclaiming productivity of 11200t/h. The whole machine is designed with an overall balanced structure, and the overall spoke change uses a steel wire rope winch. The whole design and manufacturing work completely relies on the company's own team, adopts the world's advanced design means, and completes the design and manufacturing tasks at a high level and high quality in strict accordance with the world general standards such as international ISO and European FEM. The main technical indicators and product performance have reached the international leading level, filling the gap in the development of 10000 ton bulk material conveying equipment by the company

in order to meet the owner's requirements and actual production needs of Vale's port of St. Louis, qlz10400 · 50 bucket wheel stacker reclaimer has made major technological breakthroughs and innovations in many technical difficulties

by changing the structure and optimizing the configuration, the whole machine breaks through the limitation that it can only work at -13 ° to +7 ° pitch, so that the boom can work safely with full load when the boom pitch is between -13 ° and +13 °; The connection form between bucket wheel axle and hegelong hydraulic motor adopts static hydraulic structure, which completely solves the possible motor drop phenomenon and avoids possible accidents; The hydraulic anti tilting device with steel wire rope pitch fundamentally solves the problem of bucket wheel falling of bucket wheel stacker reclaimer, which may lead to the overturning of the whole machine, which is the first in China; Each group adopts the layout form of five wheel slewing trolley, which solves the problem of excessive pressure on the slewing wheel, thus reducing the service life of the wheel, and is the first in the world; The combination of the segmented hopper form and the three leg form on the side of the gate seat solves the problem that the materials in the hopper can fall on the belt conveyor with a distance of 6 meters from the ground, and makes the minimum feeding angle of the central hopper reach 68 degrees; The wire rope pitching mechanism adopts two sets of relatively independent driving mechanisms. The two sets of driving wire ropes are intertwined without interference, and the stress condition is consistent; When two sets of drive systems work at the same time, high-power operation can be realized. When one set of drive mechanism fails, the other set of drive mechanism can ensure the normal operation of the machine

the successful research and development of this project has created the history of Zoomlion manufacturing 10000 ton bulk material conveying machinery, and opened a broad international market for Zoomlion material conveying equipment

develop a fully automatic bucket wheel stacker reclaimer for export to South Korea

Hyundai Motor Co., Ltd. is the fifth largest automobile manufacturer in the world. In order to build a full industrial chain of the automobile industry, Hyundai Motor Co., Ltd. decided to invest in the construction of a steel plant. At the invitation of Hyundai Motor, material handling equipment company developed dql300/300 · 40 bucket wheel stacker reclaimer for Hyundai Motor, which is mainly used for coke stacking and reclaiming in the stock yard of coking plant of Hyundai Steel Plant in South Korea

in the design of dql300/300 · 40 bucket wheel stacker reclaimer, Korean Hyundai company put forward the requirement of full-automatic control. At that time, only a few domestic companies could develop bucket wheel stacker reclaimer with full-automatic control function. The material handling equipment company has overcome many technical difficulties in the design, manufacturing and installation of this product, including stockpile layout, intelligent control, front rotary hydraulic motor drive technology, stockpile laser scanning technology, etc., and creatively solved a number of technical and practical problems

at present, the equipment has been successfully delivered to Hyundai, which fully meets the use requirements and expectations of the other party. This fully shows that Zoomlion has made substantial progress in the automatic control of bucket wheel stacker reclaimer. It is one of the few manufacturers in China that can produce fully automatic control bucket wheel stacker reclaimer

customized equipment for customers according to local conditions

Brazil baowusi trading company under the international steel giant ArcelorMittal group is a world-renowned enterprise. In 2011, the material conveying equipment company successfully completed the design of the company's circular pipe belt conveyor system through arduous research

this project is the first foreign round pipe belt conveyor system undertaken by the material conveying equipment company, including two ordinary belt conveyors and one φ The pipe belt conveyor with a pipe diameter of 400, which transports hot materials, has a complex pipe belt transmission line, needs to pass through multiple existing buildings, crosses multiple hot material transportation lines and multiple roads, and has two receiving points more than 300 meters apart, which accept the materials transferred from the two ordinary belt conveyors upstream, and requires rotating unloading. The whole line is in a multi-S shape, with multiple plane and elevation turns

the complexity of the line of this pipe belt conveyor is more than any project designed by the material conveying equipment company in the past. It is not only necessary to solve the problem of too many turns and too small turning radius in the design process of the whole machine, but also to solve the structural design problem of the portal four leg steel frame up to 32 meters. The design difficulty is not only in the whole machine, but also in the steel structure design. At the same time, in the whole system, the design of transfer station and tail movable belt is also unprecedented. But all these problems have been solved by technicians one by one

at present, the project has been fully affirmed by Brazil, and the material conveying equipment company has proved its leading international R & D strength

carry out basic theoretical research to lay the foundation for manufacturing

while continuing to develop new products tailored to customers, the material handling equipment company has also undertaken some company level basic research work, such as the "analysis of bucket wheel machine dynamic experimental equipment" project

bucket wheel stacker reclaimer, also known as bucket wheel stacker reclaimer, such as power supply, ground wire noise, electromagnetic interference, is an efficient equipment for continuous loading and unloading of bulk bulk materials in modern industry. At present, it has been widely used in stacking operations in ports, wharfs, metallurgy, cement, steel plants, coking plants, coal storage plants, power plants and other bulk material (ore, coal, coke, gravel) storage yards

for a long time, material conveying equipment companies have mainly focused on static strength design, while the analysis of the dynamic characteristics of the bucket wheel stacker reclaimer is rarely carried out. With the improvement of bucket wheel machine productivity, dynamic design has been put on the agenda. Through dynamic performance analysis and reasonable selection of mechanism parameters, the bucket wheel machine can work smoothly under the action of exciting force and improve the service life of the machine

in the "bucket wheel dynamic analysis" project, the material handling equipment company has made in-depth research on the bucket wheel dynamic mechanics analysis, seismic response analysis, fatigue analysis and other fields by using a number of technical analysis means, and achieved good results, so that the company has a more comprehensive understanding and understanding of the dynamic characteristics of the bucket wheel, which provides a design theoretical basis for the company to enter the field of large bucket wheel design and manufacturing

in addition, in a scientific research project completed in 2011, the material conveying equipment company effectively solved a variety of key technologies of belt conveyor, developed relevant application software, improved work efficiency by more than 85%, and achieved innovative results leading the development of the industry at the core technology level

innovation is the driving force of enterprise development. Only by adhering to innovation can we enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises. The material handling equipment company will take innovation as the wing to achieve a breakthrough and take-off in efficiency and scale

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