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Innovation "Wei" you BASF will move the headquarters of its global business unit of battery materials from the United States to Shanghai, and there is no fear of "Wei" -- Interview with senior executives of weidmiller product business unit of 2020 Industrial Expo

the rapidly changing market environment this year makes all industries experience the uncertainty of the future. In this period of crisis and opportunity, weidmiller gave a secret script to help enterprises stand in uncertainty. People have carried out a lot of theoretical and Experimental Research on the screw, that is, according to the development of the industry, they continue to launch intelligent solutions suitable for customers, and behind the secret script, it is inseparable from the innovative spirit that Weidmuller has always adhered to

as a heavyweight guest among the participating enterprises, weidmiller's three senior executives of the product division shared the recent fruitful achievements and made a positive outlook for the future development

as the leader of traditional electrical connection products, weidmiller's innovative solutions in the direction of industry 4.0 and intelligent manufacturing in recent years, especially industrial analysis solutions, intelligent power supply solutions, blade terminal heavy load solutions and workplace solutions, brightened the eyes of the audience, making weidmiller's booth a veritable C booth

forward looking prediction, one step ahead

through this epidemic, more and more enterprises are beginning to think about how to carry out comprehensive automation/digital transformation. In fact, for a long time, manufacturing enterprises have faced transformation challenges in personnel safety, maintenance and guarantee, supply chain maintenance, product transformation, plan reconstruction and labor optimization. The outbreak of the epidemic makes the demand for digital technologies such as big data, IOT, virtual reality and remote operation and maintenance more urgent, and now ensures its international leading position in the field of graphene for flexible display, touch screen and chip. Providing value to customers through the integration of IOT and automation is the strategy that Weidmuller has always adhered to. This not only takes advantage of our advantages in industrial automation, but also avoids the red sea of automation product competition. Mr. Zhuoyue, director of automation products and solutions division of weidmiller Asia Pacific, said

the progress of industrial digitalization makes predictive maintenance applications more popular. How to analyze equipment behavior, predict failure, and optimize equipment performance and production process is a major demand of current industrial customers. The industrial analysis solutions exhibited by Weidmuller this time are the ingenuity of Weidmuller in Intelligent Manufacturing in recent years. They can not only realize advanced energy analysis, but also conduct equipment behavior analysis, significantly improve production capacity, efficiency and quality, and help users develop sustainable competitive advantages

in order to reduce unnecessary machine downtime, in addition to predictive maintenance, it also needs the support of hard core power solutions to provide continuous power for the efficient operation of equipment. Excellence proudly said: during the epidemic period, the heroes who escorted medical equipment, engineering machinery and equipment and logistics equipment, such as our digital oriented u-mation automation product line, IO link based high-performance power supply systems protop and top guard, will also appear one by one during the Expo to meet the audience

smart connection, wireless possibility

innovation spirit is the gene that drives Weidmuller forward. Weidmuller has spared no effort in improving the engineering efficiency and reducing the engineering cost of key devices. The blade terminal heavy load solution displayed in this Industrial Expo is another innovation of Weidmuller in the field of electrical connection. It perfectly combines the signal terminal with the heavy load connector without using the terminal strip, and its advantages of efficient wiring and installation space saving are obvious

although all industries were slightly affected by the epidemic this year, we can also feel that the economy is slowly warming up. Manufacturing enterprises put forward urgent needs for tasks, projects, workflows, etc. of remote collaboration, which reflects the practical needs of enterprises for digital and intelligent technology. This demand will continue in the post epidemic era. In fact, we have paid attention to digital technology for a long time, and are also actively committed to providing users with innovative digital and intelligent devices and on-site connection technology solutions. COVID-19 also makes contactless technology a trend, which will promote the promotion and popularization of wireless technology. At present, Weidmuller has developed contactless devices and connection products, which make the transmission of power supply and power supply as convenient as charging, and help users minimize the probability of cable conductor damage, or even achieve zero damage. Said Mr. Chen Xiangjun, director of Weidmuller Asia Pacific device and field connection division

in addition, the fast service mentioned by Mr. Chen Xiangjun is also impressive. The customer provides 3D model embedded design module for free. If the customer needs electrical test in the design, the samples applied to Weidmuller can be reached through 72 hours of service

multi pronged, easy

at present, all walks of life are in full swing to accelerate the pace of construction, but in the view of Mr. Lars kosubek, director of Weidmuller Asia Pacific Electrical cabinet products division, some enterprises, especially manufacturing enterprises with low automation or a large number of manual dependence, have a very slow recovery of production capacity, and the demand to speed up the recovery of production capacity is increasingly strong. As these enterprises begin to seriously think about digital transformation, it means that the process of digital development will be accelerated

this exhibition, weidmiller showed a complete set of processes from planning, installation to operation to provide engineers with intelligent workplace solutions. This solution combines modular automation hardware, innovative engineering software and digital solutions, and even realizes intelligent connection from sensors to the cloud. At the same time, through Weidmuller's connection consulting service and WMC software, it can help users improve design efficiency, optimize project process, speed up product launch time, and help customers to be comfortable in the wave of digital development

talking about the future oriented research and development plan, Mr. Lars said that Weidmuller would carry out the development and research of automatic tools and machines for cabinet production. China is a fast-growing and dynamic market, and it is also a market that Weidmuller attaches great importance to. It is believed that with the promotion of intelligent manufacturing, the Chinese market will be full of more development opportunities. In this process, Weidmuller will continue to rely on the strong technical ability and innovation ability of the local professional R & D team to provide other customized products and solutions more suitable for the Chinese market

since taking root in the Chinese market for more than 20 years, Weidmuller has always practiced the three brand values of intelligent solution providers, innovation everywhere, and local customers. Since the invention of plastic insulated terminals in 1948, the spirit of innovation has always been rooted in the hearts of Weidmuller people and actively implemented in all work. Because Wei has you, he has nothing to fear! Whether in technology, products or services, Weidmuller has never stopped innovating

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