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Application of digital workflow in Hualian printing

in today's printing production field, the application of digital information processing and computer control technology has been widely and deeply. The overall concept connecting prepress, printing and post press - "digital workflow" is to integrate the above three different processes into an inseparable system with digital production control information, so that the digital graphic information can be transmitted completely and accurately, and finally processed into printed products. The formation and progress of digital workflow in the field of printing industry will inevitably promote the development of the printing industry in the digital environment. Some of the electrical components of the wood-based panel universal experimental machine are composed of display, measurement and control, some of which are composed of one step development, improve its competitive strength, and play an important role in information exchange and sharing with other fields

Prepress digital workflow has now launched a variety of solutions, mainly postscript workflow, special workflow, bitmap workflow and PDF workflow. Among them, the workflow based on PDF is the most popular workflow at present. In the PDF workflow, postscript data or other data formats are converted, so the accuracy of the signal is the first problem to be considered in the design of the hardware system of the tension machine, which is pdf format. Pdf avoids the unpredictability of postscript page description language, and postscript files from any application software and any platform are converted to PDF format

at present, Hualian printing has applied the current leading PDF based primergy workflow. PRINERGY is a relatively perfect PDF workflow at present. It adopts a client/server architecture, and the software adopts distributed processing. PRINERGY's main software runs on the server. The operator can operate freely on any PC or apple computer in the local area. The client software workshop written in Java language, It can realize the parallel processing of a job by several operators at different addresses at the same time, which greatly improves the production efficiency

I. conditions for applying digital workflow

1 Large capacity and fast network transmission system. During the production of CTP digital process, a large amount of data and information are transmitted on the network. By using the Internet and establishing its own FTP station, it is convenient for customers to upload and download files

2. The point scanner (Copydot) can meet the requirements of converting traditional films into electronic documents

3. The digital workflow is required to have strong compatibility, be able to interpret the data generated by any front-end production software, and have strong and flexible output ability

4. The establishment of standardized color management system

5. Mature and stable digital proofing solutions. Digital proofing scheme plays an important role in the whole process. The performance of digital proofing mainly depends on whether it is fast, repeatable and saves raw materials. At the same time, it also depends on whether it can carry out better color control, especially in three aspects: Remote Proofing matching, CTP curve adjustment and CTP output

6. Intelligent and reliable large version scheme and large version proofing equipment

in a word, the construction of digital workflow not only requires the basic conditions of equipment, personnel and materials, but also includes the construction of a perfect digital environment, the solution of front-end file system interface technology, electronic file management and data storage and backup, network transmission speed, the optimization of color management and rip Technology, and the training of staff knowledge reconstruction. At the same time, we should really according to our own actual needs, through the comparative analysis of new and old technologies and process flow, inherit the advantages of traditional processes, give full play to the characteristics of new technologies, and match the key points such as color separation and addition, tone transmission, digital proofing, block printing and printing conditions, so as to turn the theoretical advantages of digital workflow into real productivity. Facing the digital workflow, the effective ways to realize the adaptation of each process can be divided into the following parts

① analyze whether the conditions of equipment, personnel and materials for building CTP process are mature

② CTF process can be used as the basis to gradually form output solutions

③ establish production standards and quality specifications, do a good job in various data testing, summarize various possible situations, and adjust and improve solutions

④ carry out the process and application test of CTP process. Only in this way can we truly realize the normal operation of all production processes of CTP process and ensure the smooth work of digital workflow

II. Application of digital workflow in prepress center

1 With FTP server as the platform, integrating high-speed and lossless remote transmission technology, it can easily realize printing tasks such as printing in two or more places and undertaking overseas orders, and ensure the time and quality

Hualian printing not only has its own dedicated FTP server, but also provides customers with specific services for confidential file transmission. Customers can transfer files through FTP special software or IE browser. The simultaneous use of multiple FTP greatly shortens the file transmission time, and can win time for subsequent processes for prints with short delivery time, providing a strong guarantee for remote printing

2. The high-precision roller scanner and platform scanner meet the accurate reproduction of various originals. The Copydot point scanner can convert the film into electronic documents and realize the CTP output of advertising film

the quality of original electronic distribution is one of the important factors affecting the printing quality. Hualian printing has Heidelberg d3900, d7100 roller scanners, Heidelberg nexscanf4100, Kodak (formerly Creo) eversmart select platform scanners, Ezio color edge cg19 displays and various auxiliary equipment. We will hire senior personnel who have worked for many years in the field of color matching, and provide customers with free software and hardware support and technical training, so as to realize the real WYSIWYG

3. The perfect desktop processing system can support the application of various software, keep software updates and file compatibility at any time, and flexibly carry out and typeset various files to meet the needs of customer design and production

4. The powerful and stable PRINERGY workflow can directly convert PDF, PS, EPS and other formats into exportable PDF files. The industry-leading jigsaw tool preps can easily and quickly assemble a single page into a large version, and any binding method can be easily realized; One Rip can be output many times, which can directly produce digital samples, films and CTP versions. The pit stop tool attached to acrobat can carry out and modify the final PDF files, realizing the last minute revision for customers; Dlove800v3 inner drum Phototypesetter and lotem800quantum thermal CTP cooperate with amplitude modulation and frequency modulation plus technology to restore the image reproduction more exquisite

the interpretation, proofing and output of documents are the top priority of the whole digital workflow. It can be said that the work of the whole prepress center is carried out around these three tasks, which is directly related to the normal operation of the whole digital workflow

① interpretation of documents

prinergy workflow is extremely stable and fast for the interpretation of documents. It can correctly explain the files made by various versions of software at present, as well as the design effects that are difficult to be explained by general rip, such as transparency and shadow

② proofing

blue paper layout proofing is directly driven by the primergy workflow; Digital proofing exports TIFF files from the workflow of PRINERGY, proofs on the digital printer through GMG Colorproof software, and can provide customers with remote proofing services, so that customers can see the printing color without leaving home

③ output

prinergy workflow can use the secondary server to drive the output equipment. The workflow software and output equipment of Hualian printing are the same supplier, so it is very convenient in compatibility, quality management and parameter adjustment

5. The standardized color management system runs through the whole process. A full set of color management tools and software: profilemaker, EyeOne, spectroscan, GMG software, etc., perfectly unify the colors of displays, digital proofing and printed products, and truly realize what you see is what you get

6. Powerful file storage space, convenient and fast file backup scheme and fast and stable local network are the necessary conditions for digital prepress

iner ring stiffness testing machine Gy (yinnengjie) workflow can generate CIP3 files. Through the direct connection with the printing machine, digital information can realize ink volume control and registration control, reduce the preset machine time, reduce losses, and shorten the production cycle

III. problems existing in the application of digital processes

1 The customer did not know enough about the digital workflow, and the electronic documents provided did not meet the process requirements. If the ICC embedded in the PDF file is inconsistent with the printing factory; The PDF file is not embedded with fonts, etc. Hualian printing prepress center has a professional technical team responsible for technical support and customer training. They always keep in touch with customers, understand their needs and provide customers with comprehensive solutions

2. The operability of digital workflow in specific environment needs to be improved. Good equipment and excellent technicians do not necessarily have the most effective and practical process. How to produce efficiently and correctly is a problem worth pondering. Different printing plants have different environments and strengths. Only by constantly summarizing and improving in practical production according to their own characteristics can they find their own production process

there are many periodicals printed by Hualian printing, and the publishing time is relatively concentrated. It is impossible to complete the production, proofing and output of 70 or 80 publications in just a dozen days without a reasonable production process. The production of periodicals is highly random, and there is the possibility of revision one minute before publication, which is also a challenge to the prepress work. Only in the digital process can we complete the production tasks accurately and on time. Therefore, we should constantly establish, modify and improve our production process

3. Because some software versions are too new, problems may occur in the workflow backend server rip, which needs to be analyzed and solved according to the actual situation

4. Customers' acceptance of digital workflow needs to be improved. For example, whether the network transmission of PDF files is widely used by customers, whether the color of digital proofing can be recognized by customers, and whether the color adjustment of CTP printing can be recognized by customers

in a word, the mature application of digital workflow not only requires the reasonable configuration of software and hardware, but also considers how to provide more and more convenient value-added services for customers, and requires customers to participate in the process. Customers are a part of the process. The role of digital workflow is to effectively shorten production time, reasonably arrange production schedule, improve product quality and save production costs. With the further development of digital workflow, the distance between prepress and printing will be shorter and shorter, and the future printing industry will become more reasonable and simpler. Although many domestic printing enterprises have applied digital workflow, the degree of digitization still needs to be improved, which may be due to the limitations of technical mastery, software and hardware configuration, market demand and other factors, and most of them are still in the exploratory stage. I hope this article can be used for reference

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