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Innovation rewrites history, persistence achieves the future - easy control 2009 new product launch conference Shenzhen station successfully held

China industrial control news on May 14, as one of the stations of the national tour seminar, "innovation rewrites history, persistence achieves the future - easy control leads the.Net era", easy control (inspec) 2009 new product launch conference was successfully held in Shenzhen Jingtian hotel. This meeting attracted an instant response. In addition, nearly 100 professionals from many industries such as metallurgy, petroleum, municipal environmental protection, OEM, system integration and so on participated in it. The functions of easy control 2009, such as arbitrary graphic effects, web effects comparable to desktop applications, comprehensive redundancy, c# user programs and so on, received great attention from the audience

Mr. Xu Xinwen, general manager of jiusiyi automation software, gave a wonderful lecture

at the press conference, Mr. Xu Xinwen, senior software expert and general manager of jiusiyi automation software StarTech, gave a wonderful lecture on the microcomputer controlled electronic universal experimental machine produced by the loading agency and force measuring system, including the development trend of industry and software technology, the new features of easy control 2009 products, and the introduction of powerview high-end human-machine interface, During the speech, the audience praised the powerful function of powerview, the leading technology of easy control and the exquisite interface design

when talking about the development trend of configuration software, president Xu said that ".Net technology - in the next 20 years, it will affect and change everyone's work and life, and it will certainly affect every industrial controller". Indeed, through Mr. Xu's explanation and the excellent performance of easy to control products Net technology has deeply affected every audience here

the audience was full

the audience expressed great interest in the web, comprehensive redundancy, c# user program and other functions of easy to control (inspec) 2009. The atmosphere was lively and the audience interacted actively with the lecturer. When talking about the web function that is easy to control, Mr. Xu emphasized that the web function is a major advantage that is easy to control and different from similar products. It can fully realize the operation of equipment through the web. The web function of easy control today is completely comparable to the effect of desktop applications, thanks to the leading technology of jiusiyi company, which adopts Microsoft's latest WPF, WCF, XAML technology, etc

on site product display

the seminar showed that easy control 2009 can be used to test the mechanical properties of metal materials in tensile experiments on Windows Vista and windows 7. It is fully compatible, safe and stable. At the same time, it also showed another product of jiusiyi - high-end human-computer interface powerview, which attracted the attention of a large number of listeners. It also talked with easy control technical engineers on site about easy control software Actively communicate and exchange on a wide range of issues such as field application and industry development

president Xu took a group photo with the lucky audience

during the interactive exchange session of the conference, president Xu answered many customers' questions one by one. At the end of the conference, a warm lottery was held, and exquisite gifts such as MP3, Sony headphones and USB flash drives were shared by the lucky audience

"innovation rewrites history, perseverance achieves the future" easy control 2009 new product series press conference will continue in other cities across the country, and audiences can enthusiastically sign up

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