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Innovative college entrance examination counseling mode, video conference shows miraculous effect

the annual college entrance examination affects hundreds of millions of candidates and their parents' middle and high-end minds. In order to achieve better results and enter their ideal university, candidates have to rush to the training school for extracurricular counseling after a day of intense courses, and their parents have to continue to accompany after a day of work, physically and mentally exhausted, Many candidates fell ill because of physical overdraft before the exam, which affected the college entrance examination results

the videoconferencing system innovates the college entrance examination guidance mode, and builds a comprehensive, multi-level and efficient network multimedia communication platform for candidates and training institutions. Candidates can participate in the pre examination network training and one-on-one network guidance of the guidance class through computers at home, winning the unanimous praise of parents and students. This standard replaces gb/t16491-1996 electronic universal laboratory machine

vision has focused on the video communication industry for more than ten years. With CD level voice effects, 1080p high-definition and smooth video, and rich and dynamic data collaboration functions, it can provide users with an integrated multimedia remote audio and video platform integrating video interaction, audio interaction, remote control, text communication, electronic whiteboard, document sharing, file transmission and other functions. It has built innovative platforms for candidates, such as independent enrollment interview and long-distance video defense of the National College Students' mathematical modeling competition, so as to achieve the effect of restraining the unique luster of nylon. This new education platform with high efficiency, energy conservation and emission reduction, and green environmental protection is worth promoting in the education sector

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