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[innovating China] AI "hands in hand" with the real economy, ChuanHua Zhilian builds a logistics "smart brain"

CNR Hangzhou news on November 5 (Wang Xiaolei, Wang Rui) "China's logistics industry also needs information exchange, a smart" brain ", and a standardized model." shenjiankang, vice president of ChuanHua Zhilian, described the future of the logistics industry as follows. In recent years, AI, big data The emergence of new technologies such as cloud computing has posed new challenges to the logistics industry

compared with many "young" technology start-ups in Hangzhou, Hangzhou ChuanHua group, which has developed for 32 years, is a "big brother" in the manufacturing industry, mainly covering chemical, logistics, agriculture and other business sectors

Shen Jiankang likes to compare entering the field of intelligent logistics to an "entrepreneurship" within ChuanHua group. "From the exploration and practice of highway port logistics mode to the current ChuanHua building, there is no mature sample to refer to, so we have been on the road of innovation"

"o2o" innovates the new mode of smart logistics

"some are the multiple transfer loading and unloading of test 5 gold, the low degree of intelligent storage, and the asymmetric information of drivers and goods... In the past, there were many pain points in the logistics industry, which directly caused the high transportation cost of the manufacturing industry, and then hindered the development of the regional economy." referring to the original intention of ChuanHua Zhilian to innovate and layout the highway port, Shen Jiankang said

ChuanHua Zhilian highway is a flexible port provided by Engel's system solution

SHEN Jiankang likens ChuanHua highway port to a "railway station" and an "airport", "every city needs to have such a logistics center, so that trucks and goods can have a place to stop for transit and distribution", he said that the basic link of smart logistics is to build an urban logistics center in physical space

at present, in China's huge transportation, more than 120 cities such as Tianjin, Jinan, Qingdao and Harbin have arranged the highway port project of ChuanHua Zhilian

in addition to the physical highway port city logistics center, ChuanHua has also successively built a supply chain based financial service system and intelligent information system

"our intelligent information system can link logistics enterprises, drivers, vehicles, warehouses, suppliers, etc. offline data is finally summarized online, and online and offline services are integrated into enterprise services through technology driven services", said Shen Jiankang

"it is hoped that through the seamless connection of intelligent systems, the number of goods landing can be reduced and the logistics can operate efficiently." Shen Jiankang said that the ideal logistics state is "one order to the end", realizing "no goods landing"

taking the highway port city logistics center, logistics supply chain, financial services as the starting point, using Internet, big data, artificial intelligence and other technologies, ChuanHua Zhilian plans to build a Chinese logistics brain - "ChuanHua". Korean scientists also announced the invention of the latest graphene super hand motor pool solution in November last year. As of June 2018, ChuanHua has covered more than 30 provinces and autonomous regions and more than 300 cities, providing services to 4.612 million drivers and vehicles and 17.7 logistics providers, reducing the comprehensive logistics costs of industrial and commercial enterprises in the region by 40%

at first, ChuanHua did logistics only for the manufacturing industry of ChuanHua, and later became an independent business segment. With the development of big data and artificial intelligence, the nationwide "ChuanHua" has injected innovative blood into the development of the logistics industry

the "barbaric growth" of the logistics industry needs to be standardized and unified management

in 2016, Suzhou shidetang Logistics Co., Ltd., a logistics enterprise in the port of ChuanHua logistics Suzhou highway port, officially held a bell ringing and listing ceremony in the national small and medium-sized enterprise stock transfer center. This is the first small and medium-sized enterprise incubated by ChuanHua logistics to enter the capital market

"we are building an incubation platform for small and medium-sized logistics enterprises and extending the entire industrial chain". At present, more than 30000 enterprises across the country have settled in the ChuanHua Zhilian Industrial Park. Shen Jiankang said that in the past, the small and medium-sized logistics industry was "barbaric growth" and lacked standardized management and information-based services. The pain point of disorderly order requires a unified management and specification to help enterprises grow

shenjiankang, vice president of ChuanHua Zhilian, was interviewed. (photographed by Wang Xiaolei of CNR)

in the industrial park of ChuanHua Zhilian, we see shared warehouses, sites and vehicles for small and medium-sized logistics enterprises, which reduces the development burden of settled enterprises. At the same time, the settled enterprises can also enjoy preferential policies, support and services. "In the past, logistics enterprises needed to go to the window of the government hall to handle relevant businesses, which was very inconvenient. Now, we will invite the functional departments of the government to settle in the park, such as transportation management, taxation, traffic police, etc., to work on site", Shen Jiankang stressed that enterprises can carry out one-stop services without leaving home

now, ChuanHua Zhilian has laid out industrial parks in Hangzhou, Xi'an, Chongqing, Ningbo and other cities, which has greatly promoted the development of local small and medium-sized manufacturing industry. "The first batch of enterprises cultivated by our highway port just started with an annual revenue of about 3million, and now the largest ones can reach 300 million. The growth rate is still very fast, and now there are many enterprises above tens of millions"

at the end of last month, ChuanHua Zhilian just released its third quarter report. The company achieved an operating revenue of 17.571 billion yuan in the first three quarters of 2018, an increase of 46.48% year-on-year; The net profit was 327 million yuan, with a year-on-year increase of 789.79%, and the performance was satisfactory. Talking about the future development of ChuanHua Zhilian, Shen Jiankang said that people should not only closely follow the introduced technology specifications, industrial intelligence, big data, etc., but also the development direction of the logistics industry. ChuanHua Zhilian will continue to build a "China logistics brain" and integrate more seamlessly and deeply with the manufacturing industry


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