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A batch of new products of Shanghai Jintai were sent to the whole country with effective innovation strategy

a batch of new products of Shanghai Jintai were sent to the whole country

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the third internal exhibition of Shanghai Jintai concentrated on displaying a batch of new products of Professor Chen xiazong/Vice President/Chairman of the board of directors of Zhongyuan University representing the cutting-edge technology of modern piling machinery, which attracted extensive attention in the industry. After the exhibition, new product orders came one after another. In August, Shanghai Jintai ushered in a small climax of new product delivery. A batch of new products such as sc35b double wheel mixing drill, sq45 hydraulic circulating drill, sm80 pile frame and ZKD multi shaft drill have been successively sent to all parts of the country. During the market downturn, the positive energy effect of timely launching the new product strategy of Shanghai Jintai began to appear compared with the beginning of 2016

1. Sc35b double wheel milling and mixing drill - an ideal equipment for mixing wall construction under complex strata

sc35b double wheel mixing drill combines hydraulic slot milling machine technology and deep mixing technology to complete the construction of underground continuous wall under more complex geological conditions

☆ crawler chassis with 360 degree rotation realizes "no dead angle" construction, and has obvious advantages in construction under working conditions near buildings

☆ the patented design of drill pipe ensures the verticality of the wall while improving the rigidity

☆ the unique power system of the pump station ensures the efficient operation of the winch and milling system, and realizes the free switching with the main engine power in the emergency state

☆ equip the wall forming quality monitoring system and slurry and milling head detection system to implement the whole process high-precision control of the wall forming index to ensure the construction quality

☆ for complex strata such as high content pebble layer, dense sand layer and weathered rock, realize effective cutting and mixing, and break through the bottleneck of traditional technology

☆ milling and mixing method has high construction efficiency, high perpendicularity of the wall, good quality, more uniform mixing of soil, seamless connection of the wall, and good waterproof and soil retaining performance

☆ the oil return phenomenon of the main machine is not allowed. If it is changed slightly, the upper crown block and power head can be replaced to realize "one machine for two purposes" of double wheel mixing and rotary excavation

2. Sq45 full hydraulic circulating drilling rig - improve the construction efficiency of traditional engineering drilling rig

sq45 is a brand-new construction equipment that combines the technical structure characteristics of rotary drilling rig with the mud circulating construction technology, so as to improve the technical content and construction efficiency of traditional engineering drilling rig

sq45 full hydraulic circulation drilling rig can realize pile foundation construction in various circulation modes such as positive circulation, mud reverse circulation and gas lift reverse circulation, and achieve a major breakthrough in the construction efficiency and operation mode of traditional engineering drilling rigs

☆ crawler chassis, flexible movement and convenient positioning

☆ lifting power head, convenient tripping

☆ various pressurization methods, with strong rock entry ability

☆ drill pipes of various specifications are available, Drill pipe fast "We work closely with Philips technology on this amazing new product, and the speed connection methods are diversified;

☆ large torque, high speed, which improves the efficiency several times compared with the traditional engineering drilling rig;

☆ double oil cylinders replace the main and auxiliary winch, and the stability and reliability of the equipment are guaranteed;

☆ the design of the drilling tower can take into account self cage pouring;

3, zkda five axis drilling rig - energy saving, cost reduction, and strength greatly improved

zkda multi axis drilling machine is FCW Construction method construction equipment, the construction method adopts the unique five axis mechanical layout and the "next one up" construction process design, which greatly improves its efficiency

☆ high efficiency: the efficiency is times that of two axis mixing construction and times that of SMW construction method; Five piles can be constructed at the same time, which greatly reduces the lap joint and improves the water stop effect of the foundation pit

☆ environmental protection: there is no replacement soil in the construction process (SMW construction method, there is 20%-30% cement replacement soil, causing pollution to the environment)

☆ energy saving: due to the lack of replacement soil, compared with the SMW construction method, the cement has been fully utilized, the strength has been greatly improved, and the cost has been reduced

☆ intelligent: intelligent monitoring equipment is installed on the equipment, so that the quality is guaranteed, and the shortcomings that the pile depth and cement volume cannot be accurately measured in the construction of two axis mixing pile and SMW method are changed

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