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Do you know what walls in your home can't be dismantled? Now Stanley wardrobe will show you in detail. Don't dismantle the wrong wall

do you know what walls in your home cannot be dismantled? Now Stanley wardrobe will show you in detail. Don't dismantle the wrong wall

I. bearing wall

a picture to understand what a bearing wall is

second, the half wall of the balcony

the half wall is called the counterweight wall. If it is a brick concrete structure, it is best not to smash it, because the balcony of the brick concrete structure is not integrated with the floor of the bedroom, but connected behind it. The counterweight wall plays a role of load balancing, and smashing it may lead to the balcony falling. Generally, there are one door and one window on the wall between the room and the balcony. These doors and windows can be removed, but the wall below the window cannot be moved. This section of wall is called "counterweight wall", which acts as a weight to lift the balcony. Dismantling and changing this wall will reduce the bearing capacity of the balcony and also cause the balcony to fall

III. the beam column

is horizontal with the ground on the upper part of the house, and the data structure for balancing is the beam; The data structure that is vertical to the building foundation and plays the role of support and protection is column. These beams and columns are used to support the upper floor slab. After removal, the upper floor slab will fall down, so it cannot be moved

IV. door frames embedded in concrete

the door frames of these doors are embedded in concrete. If they are removed and modified, the building structure will be damaged and the safety factor will be reduced. Once the building structure at the door is damaged, it will be more difficult to reinstall the new door

v. reinforcement in the wall

if the house structure is compared to an adult's body, the reinforcement in the wall is human bones and muscles. If the reinforcement is damaged when embedding the pipeline, the bearing capacity of the wall and floor will be affected. In case of earthquake, such walls and floors are easy to collapse or fracture




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