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Li Zhu's wooden door is based on nature, which also retains the greatest value of nature and continues to breathe life

breathing is the continuation of life. Human beings breathe 40000 kg of air every day, and the source of our breathing is the sufficient oxygen provided by nature. Li Zhu's wooden door is based on nature, which also retains the greatest value of nature and continues to breathe life

I. the wooden door with raw materials from nature

[Lizhu] is a fresh board from nature, and is not a composite of waste tailings. Because it is fresh, it is healthier. The quality and service life of the door panel will be greatly improved by the rigorous composite processing of natural wood, so that you can have a high-quality wooden door with more confidence

II. Environmental friendly facade technology

[Lizhu] kangfeili series wooden doors adopt "sheet-tech" surface materials to replace the previous paint, and use clean and environmental friendly resin film to create distinctive wooden doors. This resin film has six characteristics: oil stain resistance, wear resistance, fade resistance, health, environmental protection, texture, and the wooden door made is more beautiful and transparent. Our paint door adopts the advanced coating imported from Japan, which can ensure low formaldehyde, no toluene and no diphenyl

III. the door body is healthy and harmless

the manufacturing of each door is made through our repeated experiments and standardized workshop production. Each door strictly complies with Japan's top F4 star standard. The health level of the wooden door is much higher than that of the wooden door produced by many national standards. Therefore, the daily breathing quality will be greatly improved, and it will not pose a threat to your health

IV. good ventilation function

our door body not only breathes, in order to ensure the necessary air ventilation, the lower frame of the door panel is padded 8mm higher on the ground. Even if the door is closed every day, it can also create good air circulation, so that you will not fall into the safety hazards of poor air quality

because of breathing, everything can survive. Mountains and rivers are natural, and there are all kinds of creatures. Every place can be full of vitality because of breathing. Lizhimumen hopes you can feel the natural breath at home and enjoy the health of life

lift the wooden door and open a healthy life




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