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The story of creating a better life with you

after getting rid of the basic life needs of safety and food and clothing, different things and iterative humanistic thoughts continue to affect the lifestyle of contemporary people. Behind these lifestyle labels, although not 100% can accurately describe everyone's life, they reflect the ideological views and aesthetic characteristics with high group characteristics. Maybe many people, like you, live out their own values and meanings with the same ideas

health, environmental protection, love yourself and others - LOHAS

"LOHAS" is a healthy and sustainable lifestyle proposed by American sociologists in 1998, and then rising all over the world. These people who adhere to the happy way advocate dogood, feelgood and lookgood, that is, "do good things, be in a good mood and be energetic". Pay attention to health and environmental protection, and practice the concepts of health, nature and organic in all aspects of life and consumption

exquisite and healthy nutritious meals are the most enjoyable thing for LOHAS. Maybe we may not be able to eat very healthily at every meal, but those who insist on a happy life can always know how to maintain physical and mental balance

(Casaro series, Xili grey tiles)

LOHAS like to choose environmentally friendly household products, and they also tend to be simple and elegant in design and color. The space is ventilated and bright, and the sun pours, reflecting on the green plants in the room. It is best to put a yoga mat on it at any time, which makes people have the same feeling as others

pursue freedom and challenge yourself Bobo

"Bobo" is a young generation with some characteristics that appeared after the 1990s. They have higher education, pay attention to the exquisite enjoyment of the material level, and boast the freedom and romance of life, rich in petty bourgeoisie, ideals, passion and unique aesthetics

they love adventure and enjoy life, and their creativity is strong, such as geeks, designers and other groups. They are tolerant of cultural differences and have their own personal interpretation of style and fashion. The mix and match that is difficult to understand for a time has created the beginning of fashion

(wall: Casaro nine dragon wall (brown) tiles, ground Casaro cat's eye agate tiles)

the Bobo people will also advocate the aesthetic of abandoning complexity and simplicity, have a special preference for metal texture or simple natural materials, and will boldly try the contrast and collision of texture and color

spiritual abundance is greater than everything ― artistic

artistic divination family, which pays attention to internal spiritual cultivation, has a rich spiritual world and rich artistic cells. They are regular customers of bookstores, art galleries and theatres, with elegant aesthetics and independent and intellectual temperament

(casalo rock sugar agate tiles and katu series tiles)

warm log furniture and exquisite space small objects are the standard configuration of literary divination life, and the way to love life and express interest

(casarocato tiles)

in the home of literary divination, there are usually favorite art works collected and dotted with different spaces. Maybe in their eyes, art is life

Yuppies, the representative of urban elite fashion, was born in the 1980s. Yuppies usually refers to young people who have received higher education, live in big cities, have professional jobs and are rich. The yuppies' career is at the right time. They are full of ambition, avant-garde in thought, know how to enjoy, and they all represent the taste and style of an era

today's yuppies have got rid of the old-fashioned image of straight suits, and like to match with slim suits and sneakers, which are more lightweight, comfortable and casual

(Casaro Blue Agate tiles)

in living space, yuppies like to be fluid and have a sense of openness with few beams and columns. Yuppies don't fill their homes with furniture, but tend to be pragmatic, with a less refined attitude, and pay more attention to the use of quality and materials

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