Heavy Jinxiu will dominate the screen of tomorrow'

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On the evening of September 2, the closing ceremony of the 18th Asian Games will be held at the GBK main stadium in Jakarta, Indonesia. The Asian Games torch, which has been burning for 16 days, will be slowly extinguished. The construction work in the main stadium is being carried out in a tense and orderly manner

gbk main stadium, the 120 ㎡ large LED outdoor advertising of Jinxiu tomorrow will dominate the screen! There is a picture and a truth

Jinxiu tomorrow's move has triggered a heated discussion among many peers and the media, saying that Jinxiu tomorrow shows the strong strength of China's top wall integrated brand and conveys to the world that "Jinxiu tomorrow speaks for China's top wall!" The sound of

the outdoor advertising picture on the top wall of Jinxiu tomorrow's living room is concise and clear, conveying the high-end and atmospheric brand image of Jinxiu tomorrow's products of good quality to merchants in Asia and even around the world

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Foshan Jinxiu tomorrow building materials Co., Ltd. was founded in 2004 and is based in Nanhai, Foshan, the capital of aluminum in China. Covering an area of nearly 30000 square meters, the company has a modern and complete production line of ceiling and wall decoration products, which are sold at home and abroad. Jinxiu tomorrow products are used in all major venues, media broadcast rooms and Asian Games villages of the Asian Games in Jakarta

the first invention of LED flat lamp; The first invention is integrated lamp slot; The first invention is the secondary top; The first invention of urban ceiling... Including 21 national invention patents, a total of more than 410 patents. "Splendid tomorrow will always be the first" has become the company's champion spirit

if it doesn't sound good, it will become a blockbuster. The roof wall of Jinxiu tomorrow's living room appeared at the Asian Games in Jakarta with a new high profile, which showed the brand strength of Jinxiu tomorrow and also announced the confidence and determination of Jinxiu tomorrow in brand promotion




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