The most sparkly green paint is difficult to cover

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Colorful coatings are difficult to cover confusion and confusion

colorful coatings are difficult to cover confusion and confusion

February 27, 2003

it is not difficult to find a variety of "green coatings", "natural coatings" and "environmental protection

coatings" by taking a close look at the large and small barrel coatings. And "green" is the same topic

in recent years, with the popularity of healthy consumption, green has become a major standard for consumers to purchase building materials. Insiders pointed out that a considerable part of the "green building materials" are just making up numbers, and some are "making green". Some small factories even have various quality problems due to their poor technical strength. The relevant person in charge of the Member Council of China Environmental Label Certification Commission said that since the national standard for coatings was enforced on July 1 last year, almost all coating enterprises said that they produced green products based on the "national standard". In fact, "national standard" is different from "green". The national standard is only the access standard for interior decoration materials to enter the market. If this standard is not met, they will not be eligible to enter the market. However, the requirements for green environmental protection products are higher. Only the products with the mark of "ten rings" issued by the China Environmental Labeling Product Certification Committee can be called "green products"

a consumer complained that last year, he purchased 4

barrels of "Yb exterior wall engineering special primer" and 7 barrels of orange "yw101 exterior wall environmental protection common finish" from the Gansu general agent agency of a well-known brand coating company, and spent a total of more than 6000 yuan. Unexpectedly, after the construction, the beautiful orange "face faded", which made the project unable to be accepted and handed over in time. However, according to the data of the manufacturer, the color of its products has remained unchanged for 5 to 7 years, and the color of this batch of emulsion paint has changed seriously less than 15 days after use

in this regard, there is no obvious improvement in the current profitability of the steel plant. The company said that the company simply does not have "environmental protection ordinary finish for external walls". The paint Mr. Li used on the

external walls is an internal wall emulsion paint produced by the company, and the internal wall emulsion paint is absolutely not allowed to be used for external

. After investigation, it was found that the dealer painted the product name of the internal wall emulsion paint on the certificate and adjusted the color without authorization, As a result, the composition of the emulsion paint has changed, and the performance has decreased significantly on the original basis. It seems that the regular "general agent" signboard has cheated some agents and consumers

ultra-low VOC has misunderstanding

in the national standard for coatings, the limit of harmful substances VOC (volatile organic compounds) is less than 200g/

it is understood that when the VOC in the room reaches a certain concentration, people will feel headache, nausea, vomiting, fatigue

, etc., and in serious cases, they will have convulsions and coma, and will harm people's liver, kidney, brain and nervous system, Cause serious consequences such as

memory loss

because of its harmfulness, VOC once attracted people's attention in the coating industry. In the interview, I learned that some building materials manufacturers claim that the VOC content in their coatings is ultra-low or zero in order to promote their products. Is

a good coating if the VOC content is too low? According to insiders, at present, some brands of low VOC coatings in the market have added phosphobenzoic acid

esters. As a result, the VOC content of the coatings has indeed decreased, but the toxicity of the coatings has increased countless times

in fact, VOC is not terrible. According to the relevant data of the National Technical Committee for standardization of paints and pigments, the level of VOC in the paint mainly affects the painting environment and construction personnel. As long as you pay attention to ventilation after painting and re-enter the

house after it is completely dry, it will generally not cause harm to the residents

the experimental data of the national authority also shows that the lower the VOC, the worse the scrub resistance of the product, such as tensile, zigzag, impact, hardness, etc., and the more serious the powder loss trend of the paint film. Some analysis shows that most of the so-called ultra-low VOC emulsion paint products in the market do not sacrifice the mechanical properties of the paint, thus reducing the torsional mechanical properties of VO materials. Therefore, when selecting coatings, we should not only look at the VOC content, but also look at its comprehensive indicators

the pollution of waterproof coating should not be underestimated

it is learned from the indoor environment testing center of China interior decoration association that there are about 400 cases of acute poisoning caused by building decoration materials every year in China, and the number of poisoned people reaches more than 15000. Among them, benzene poisoning is one of the most common accidents. Polyurethane waterproof coating and high benzene thinner are common materials for ordinary home decoration

since there is no provision on waterproof coating in the limit of harmful substances of 10 building materials issued by the state, some decoration companies often use cheap building decoration that has long been listed as obsolete by the state and have good grounding wires when decorating; Decoration material - tar polyurethane it is understood that tar polyurethane is easy to deposit in an airless place, and excessive inhalation of tar gas in a short time can cause poisoning and death. In addition, this kind of waterproof coating generally uses organic solvent as diluent, and most of the organic solvents are toxic substances such as methyl

benzene and xylene. Due to the dense surface of the waterproof coating, it takes a long time to volatilize. Therefore, it is harmful

experts remind consumers that when carrying out interior decoration, they must select materials in strict accordance with national standards, and the decorated rooms must be checked in after testing

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