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Stable supply is the first factor to consider paint suppliers

-- an exclusive interview with yangxianghong, procurement director of AkzoNobel in China

introduction: as the head of raw and auxiliary materials procurement in China, a global first-line paint enterprise, it is Yang Xianghong's most basic daily work to quickly understand the changes of market conditions and timely obtain supplier trends. Although he works in Shanghai, Yang Xianghong often travels to Shanghai Guangzhou and other cities. This also made it more difficult for us to understand our products. Finally, in August, we completed the interview in yangxianghong's office

Lu Ning: you have been engaged in the procurement of raw and auxiliary materials for coating for many years. How did you join the coating industry when you strongly encouraged and supported private capital to invest in the new material industry? How did you step into the wedge-shaped parts and adopt different advanced materials to manufacture the procurement of raw and auxiliary materials

yangxianghong: it was a very accidental opportunity for me to leave Guangzhou Institute of chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences and enter ICI to engage in the research and development of industrial coatings. Half a year later, the company asked me to take charge of purchasing

Lu Ning: what impressed you most about purchasing for the first time

yangxianghong: I just took over the purchasing department in January, 1996. The company took away several key members of the purchasing department, leaving me an almost "empty shell" purchasing department For me, who has suddenly transformed from technology, I can imagine the difficulties and challenges in purchasing and supply In terms of procurement and supply: I don't understand at all The general manager of the company came to me and asked me if I could reduce the procurement cost of 1996 by 5%? One day's consideration, I think I have the ability to reduce by%

Lu Ning: has the final goal been achieved

yangxianghong: we successfully reduced the annual procurement cost in 1996 by about 20%. At that time, the company imported almost all raw materials, including calcium carbonate and other fillers, and the import tariff of fillers was as high as%. I worked with the technology department to promote the localization and replacement of this kind of products, and the cost was reduced at once

Lu Ning: this should also be your most impressed purchase

yangxianghong: Yes. First contact with purchasing. Never understand to know, learn every day. The purchasing manager is a general housekeeper. He should manage the production demand of the enterprise, the spare parts of the project, the labor protection products of the employees, and a piece of rag

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