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On June 26, the national "12th Five Year Plan" intelligent manufacturing equipment development special project "development and demonstration application of intelligent system for coal fully mechanized mining equipment" passed the technical achievement appraisal of the Department in order to improve the innovation ability

China is a large coal producing country in the world, but the overall technical level and innovation ability of coal machinery lag behind the advanced level of world powers with the change of environment. To this end, the national development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of industry and information technology jointly organized the implementation of the "special project for the development of intelligent manufacturing equipment" to accelerate the innovative development and industrialization of intelligent manufacturing equipment in China. The project, led by Taiyuan Heavy Machinery Group Coal Machinery Co., Ltd. and Xishan coal power (Group) Co., Ltd., has completed the research and development of 15 key core intelligent devices and obtained 51 proprietary technologies with independent intellectual property rights (23 invention patents). During the implementation of the project, Pingyang heavy industry, Shanxi coal machinery, Shanxi Keda, Luoke Jiahua, Xiangming machinery, Fenxi heavy industry and other units participated in the project, and cooperated with China University of mines, Taiyuan University of technology, Taiyuan University of science and technology and well-known enterprises at home and abroad to tackle key problems. It took three years to complete the equipment design, key technology research, manufacturing and demonstration application. The equipment investment is 379million yuan. Among them, the state subsidized Jinan testing machine factory's back door and tail support pressure testing machine is mainly used to support the automobile industry with 100million yuan, which is the largest project in the national intelligent equipment development special program of the "12th Five Year Plan"

this set of equipment integrates advanced technologies at home and abroad, forming an advanced new process of high-yield, high-efficiency and intelligent mining. The number of operators in the working face is reduced from 12-16 to 4-6, and the per capita efficiency is increased by 50%. The safety production benefit and social benefit have reached the international leading level, and new power can be found through basic industry innovation. It has a broad market prospect. More importantly, its popularization and application can change the traditional mechanical coal mining production mode, complete the leap from underground machine following operation to remote control coal mining operation, greatly improve the production safety and intensive mining level, marking an important step towards the realization of "unmanned coal mining face" in China. Previously, the complete set of equipment was demonstrated and applied in 18201 fully mechanized mining face of Xiegou Coal Mine of Shanxi Xishan Jinxing Energy Co., Ltd., with a maximum daily output of 32000 tons and a maximum monthly output of 850000 tons, realizing the localization and nationalization of high-end manufacturing of intelligent 10 million tons fully mechanized mining equipment in China

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