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The "strictest environmental protection law" needs to be strictly implemented. The strictest environmental protection law in history has finally been released. Recently, the 8th meeting of the Standing Committee of the 12th National People's Congress deliberated and adopted the revised environmental protection law. The new environmental protection law will be implemented on January 1st, 2015

in view of the current severe environmental pollution situation in China, and in response to the increasingly strong voice of the people for pollution control, the birth of the new environmental protection law conforms to the national conditions and public opinion, and will become a legal weapon to guide local environmental governance

looking closely at this new environmental protection law, we can see that there are many highlights, the punishment is tough enough, and the sincerity is full. The so-called strictest punishment is reflected in a series of mandatory punishment measures, including allowing administrative detention measures for some illegal acts, imposing daily punishment and sanctions for acts that are ordered to correct but do not change, and asking officials who fail to perform their duties to take the blame and resign. The severe pollution control can not only solve the problem of weak environmental protection law enforcement, but also enable the slogan of strict law enforcement to be truly implemented into action through legal channels

to control environmental pollution, the government, enterprises and citizens need to make concerted efforts to strictly implement the new environmental protection law. With the promulgation of the new environmental protection law, local governments will have a clearer responsibility for supervision and management of environmental protection; The third-party environmental assessment and supervision organization can be standardized; The prevention and control of enterprise pollution will be strengthened. In the face of legal sanctions, the impulse of enterprise pollution will be effectively restrained

at present, there is a great momentum for the joint governance of five rivers in Zhejiang, and the construction of a beautiful Zhejiang is progressing steadily, which coincides with the significance of the new environmental protection law. The old road of "pollution before treatment" will never be followed. The hydraulic universal data testing machine is mainly composed of the main body and the force measuring mechanism. The new environmental protection law defines the principle of protection priority for the first time, and establishes a long-term environmental protection mechanism through strict legal provisions. We expect that the strictest environmental protection law will be implemented with sound and forceful implementation, so that the sky blue, the earth green and the water clean will be permanently resident in people's lives

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