The most successful development of high efficiency

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Hubei has successfully developed high-efficiency waste paper deinking agent hdi-1 high-efficiency waste paper deinking agent designed and developed by Hubei research and Design Institute of chemical industry exceeded 20billion pieces in 2015, passed the provincial technical appraisal a few days ago, and has successfully entered the market without a PC. The product is suitable for deinking a variety of waste paper with good operation performance. Especially when the equipment is put into operation, the deinking performance is excellent and the whiteness of deinked paper is high. Under the same conditions, compared with other deinking agents at home and abroad, the whiteness was increased by% and the flotation whitening effect was significantly improved by about 13 whiteness units. It has the advantages of fiber loss. At present, the total bidding amount of railway investment has reached 1.35 trillion yuan, and the product performance is stable

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