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Panasonic's success strategy: rational application of business philosophy (2)

one day in 1961, Panasonic's subordinates were holding a meeting. Panasonic asked them, "what meeting is today?" Someone said to Panasonic with a bitter face, "Toyota Motor requests a substantial price reduction." The details are that Toyota requested that the price of car radios purchased from Panasonic communications be reduced by 5% from now on, and then by 15% half a year later, a total reduction of 20%. Toyota's reason for this request is that in the face of trade liberalization and competition with the automobile industry such as the United States, Japanese cars are difficult to survive because of their high prices

in order to reduce the price and improve its competitiveness, Toyota hopes that Panasonic communications, which supplies car radios, can also reduce the price by 20%. At that time, Japan was not able to make good and cheap cars as it is today. Perhaps people's impression has been a little vague, because the situation at that time was very difficult

after understanding the situation, Panasonic asked:

"what is our profit at present?"

"only about three percent."

high performance biodegradable composites show high strength and good flexibility. "That's a little bit? 3% is actually less. In this case, it needs to be reduced by 20%

"that's why everyone held a meeting to study."

Panasonic's company only earns 3% at present. If it drops another 20%, it will lose 17%? As far as common sense is concerned, this kind of business may not be able to continue. If this is the case, Panasonic communications can also turn down Toyota's request, and most people are likely to do the same. However, in exceptional circumstances, is it still worth considering a 20% discount? In this case, Panasonic put aside the general idea and looked at this issue carefully from the standpoint of Toyota. He thought that if Toyota was replaced by Panasonic, it might be the same in the face of liberalization

although the price reduction is a little excessive, Panasonic also carefully considers how to reduce the price to meet Toyota's requirements

therefore, he said: "under the two preconditions that the performance cannot be reduced and the design must be suitable for each other's needs, we may as well try to comprehensively update the design. The best thing is not only to reduce the cost by 20%, but also to have an appropriate profit.

" before we complete the new design, we have no choice but to lose money. This is not only to reduce the price to Toyota, but also related to the maintenance and development of the entire Japanese industry. In any case, it must be done. I hope you can work hard to achieve the task. "

one year later, Panasonic asked about the progress of this event. As a result, Panasonic communication not only achieved the price expected by Toyota, but also made appropriate profits. This can be said to be a successful product revolution inspired by the pressure of substantial price reduction.

whether it is business or doing other things, it would be impossible to do this if it always" holds on to it " "I'm afraid anything will never succeed. On the contrary, I always think of things when I encounter them" should be possible, The question is just how to do it ", in this way, many difficult jobs seem impossible at first sight, but they actually succeed. There are many things in the world that have achieved good results because of the unremitting efforts of individuals. Therefore, it is extremely important to have this idea whenever you want to make up your mind to do something.

when you sell something worth ten yuan for twenty yuan, you make a profit on the surface, but in fact you lose one Customers

a businessman sells goods to customers. If the goods are only worth ten yuan, and the customers buy them for ten yuan, the businessman will not lose money; Therefore, the merchant can only offer 10 yuan to sell to the customer. This is a necessary sincerity, or he can sell at a lower price of 9 yuan and 80 cents. On the contrary, if a thing that is only worth 10 yuan in essence is offered for 20 yuan for greed, his business will certainly fail. Even if someone is cheated to buy it, he will hate you in the future, which is tantamount to losing a customer forever

when your career is successful, you should first make a good value judgment for yourself. This is the correct path to success

so far, we have been making unremitting efforts to run our business and maintain a legitimate value judgment

song is the third CTI conference held in China this year. Now many people are willing to do it. All the employees of the company are also passionate about this industry. After this judgment, Panasonic then evaluated: how much strength does our company have, how much business it operates and how many products it produces? In addition, whether it is suitable for work and other 342 adhesive hazardous materials. After comparing the strength of the company with the business it hopes to promote, if there is any sign of reconciliation between the two, it will start work immediately. This is Panasonic's consistent working attitude in business

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