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In June, all regions will carry out a tough battle to prevent and control ozone pollution in summer

in June, all regions will carry out a tough battle to prevent and control ozone pollution in summer

June 18, 2021

in the summer of 2020, the Ministry of ecological environment issued the volatile organic compounds treatment program for the first time, launching a special battle against ozone pollution. After several months of continuous tackling, the action of ozone pollution prevention and control supervision and assistance has achieved preliminary results

in 2021, just entering June, many places will "heat up", and high temperatures above 35 degrees Celsius occur frequently. The situation of ozone pollution prevention and control is serious. In this context, how to fight this summer's battle against ozone pollution? To this end, sort out the experience and practices of relevant cities for readers

"national team" sinking

"one city, one policy" stationed Tracking Research Working Group has stationed in 52 expert teams and 54 cities for two years of stationed tracking research and technical assistance

in May, the Ministry of ecological environment organized and held the "one city, one policy" stop tracking research mobilization meeting for the collaborative prevention and control of fine particulate matter and ozone pollution, and took out the sword of "scientific and technological innovation" to solve the current problems of weak scientific foundation of collaborative prevention and control, difficult precision and scientific governance, unclear prevention and control base of VOCs, inefficient governance and so on

as soon as the kick-off meeting was over, the "national team" gathered and sank, and the "one city, one policy" stationed tracking and research working groups entered one after another

in Zaozhuang City, Shandong Province, Ning Miao, a researcher of the Environmental Planning Institute of the Ministry of ecological environment, led the stationed tracking research working group to carry out work docking; In Kaifeng, Henan Province, Peking University Professor Xie Shaodong led a team to hold the first docking meeting, such as; In Huainan City, Anhui Province, sunyang, vice president of Huainan Academy of Atmospheric Sciences, and his delegation conducted in-depth research

the task of the 52 stationed working groups is very clear: "promote the application of the results of the key projects on the causes and treatment of heavy air pollution, strengthen the research on the causes and treatment of ozone pollution, and supplement the shortcomings of ozone pollution prevention and control technology, talents and capabilities in various regions."

this means that there is a strong scientific and technological guarantee to further promote air pollution control

in addition, on the basis of national professional and technical forces, Shandong Province has also established a provincial technical support team, led by the Provincial Institute of ecological environment planning and research, with the participation of the monitoring center. The stationed services will cover 16 cities in the province, and carry out daily scheduling, achievement integration and promotion services in the process of improving the added value of rare earth products for a period of three years

In the summer of 2020, Shandong, Guangdong, Shanxi, Nanjing and other provinces and cities successively introduced relevant policies to encourage gas stations to introduce night refueling concessions to reduce ozone pollution. Nowadays, refueling at night is no longer a new word. Not only that, many places choose to take the initiative to put the prevention and control of ozone pollution in an important position and take preventive measures

recently, the 2021 action plan for the consolidation and improvement of air quality in Shanxi Province was announced, clearly with pm2 However, PID control can not solve the influence of uncertainty and nonlinearity. 5. Focus on the collaborative treatment of ozone pollution, and implement the summer tough action. From May to September, special inspections of volatile organic compounds were carried out by means of navigation monitoring, and early warning standards for ozone pollution were studied and formulated to establish an emergency response mechanism for ozone pollution

the Yantai Ecological Environment Protection Committee of Shandong Province printed and distributed the action plan for the centralized rectification of outstanding ecological environment problems in Yantai in the form of Document No. 1 this year, taking the prevention and control of dust pollution and ozone control as the top priority of the city's air quality improvement

the atmospheric Office of Shiyan City, Hubei Province, issued the notice on strengthening the coordinated control of ozone and fine particles in the urban area in summer, and immediately issued the instruction to start or cancel the linkage response of ozone pollution prevention and control in the central urban area in combination with the monitoring data and weather forecast

in addition to the forward deployment in the form of policy documents, many prefectures and cities have entered the "actual combat" state

Langfang City, Hebei Province has made it clear that from May to August, we will enter the ozone pollution prevention and control stage, taking Nine Dragons Paper, which has been the champion of the paper industry for years, as an example. During this period, we will take normalized prevention and control measures, implement the wrong time production of VOCs related enterprises, and strengthen the investigation

the municipal and district level battle headquarters office in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province took the initiative to control ozone pollution, promptly notified the list of regional problems, made rectification on schedule, strengthened supervision, and held accountable for poor performance and slow work

at the same time, Nanjing ecological environment law enforcement bureau and its branches dispatched dozens of law enforcement teams and navigation monitoring teams every day to deploy control and investigation in a full-time and all-round way, and strengthen the supervision of VOCs related enterprises

normalization of navigation monitoring

new equipment becomes a good helper

in Taiyuan, Shanxi Province, a mass spectrometry monitoring system is running on an atmospheric environment navigation monitoring vehicle. On the large LCD screen, the electronic map of the road section passed by the navigation vehicle is clearly visible, and the concentration of various atmospheric monitoring factors on the map is displayed in real time and changes with the movement of the vehicle

the navigation monitoring vehicle is described as a moving "eye, nose". Not only in Taiyuan, it began to appear in more and more places, or mobile patrol, or fixed-point monitoring, and keep a close eye on the changes of various values of the surrounding atmosphere in real time, becoming an indispensable "good helper" for haze control in autumn and winter and ozone peak shaving in summer, so that the source of pollution can be traced more accurately

on the battlefield of air pollution, panoramic "hard core" equipment such as the navigation vehicle is essential, and the upgrading of small portable equipment that meets the on-site inspection ability is also important

this year, Shenyang equipped law enforcement personnel with portable infrared gas cameras and hydrogen flame ionization detectors. Among them, the infrared gas camera can identify the colorless and transparent waste gas emitted by the enterprise through the principle of thermal imaging, so as to play the effect of "shining a demon mirror" and help law enforcement officers quickly lock the emission source

according to the head of the atmospheric Department of Nanjing Ecological Environment Bureau, since last year, the Municipal Bureau has added horizontal and vertical lidar scanning and analysis systems for atmospheric pollutants; Small standard station (six parameter national standard method); Portable VOCs detector (national standard method) for rapid detection of VOCs content in ambient air, etc

Fengdong new city, Xixian new area, Shaanxi Province, has an all-weather real-time VOCs monitoring equipment on the basis of the original monitoring equipment, and fully accesses the enterprise working condition data monitored by the first working condition power consumption monitoring system in Shaanxi Province built in 2020 to the data platform of the command and dispatching center, realizing the real-time and all-round supervision of gas-related pollutant production enterprises

in addition, on the basis of existing air quality monitoring stations, all localities have increased the construction of VOC monitoring points in key areas, upgraded the original air pollution monitoring data system, drawn a more comprehensive ozone pollution prevention map, and strive to effectively control ozone pollution

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