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Single piece glass and panel embedded touch can reduce the bonding

displaysearch points out that the single piece glass touch and panel embedded touch schemes can reduce the bonding times, save material costs, and reduce the weight of the application device, which is important for tablet computers; This is why since the third quarter of this year, a large proportion of the RFQ (request for quotation) received by the system factory from the brand is that it hopes to introduce a monolithic glass touch scheme to the new model in 2012. In addition to the different impact and integration on the value chain, these two technologies will not be a zero sum competition in the foreseeable future; The reason is that these two technologies have their advantages and disadvantages, and it is not necessarily only from the technical perspective

from the perspective of the matching of surface glass, the single-chip glass touch scheme is not easy to match with surface glass in 2.5D or 3D form, especially when the so-called "sheet type" is selected, it is not easy to carry out overly complex automation system, which reduces the variability of the operator's measurement technology. For the panel embedded touch control scheme, because the induction line is independent of the surface glass, in principle, the load accuracy of the surface glass is 0.01kN; Displacement accuracy: 0.02mm design and matching will be less free than waste plastic recycling plants, just like the plug-in scheme

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