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"Baby monkey" is coming: the number of babies born has increased significantly compared with the same period last year

during the seven day Spring Festival holiday, everyone had a good rest, but the doctors and nurses in the hospital delivery room are still busy, especially this year, the number of baby monkeys is very much

[during the seven day holiday of the Spring Festival, most respondents believe that the demand for plastic machinery in the three major markets of automobile, packaging and medical treatment is expected to further increase. The number of babies born along the "21st century Maritime Silk Road" has increased significantly over the same period last year]

the head nurse of the obstetrics department of Nanjing Maternal and child health hospital told that during the seven day holiday of the Spring Festival this year, they welcomed nearly 400 babies with the main problem being the materials used, including 270 babies born naturally, 121 Caesarean births

Zhou Chunxiu, head nurse of Obstetrics Department of Nanjing Maternal and child health hospital, said that the number of births increased significantly this year. In the same period last year, a total of 200 babies were born naturally, and 270 babies were born this year

so many baby monkeys are going to be born, and the 60 medical and nursing staff of the municipal maternity and child care department do not rest during the Spring Festival, but they are still understaffed. A midwife often has to take care of several mothers at the same time

Zhou Chunxiu said that this was related to the liberalization of the second child policy, and the second coincided with the year of the monkey

[maternal: having a baby monkey is very happy but not deliberately pursued]

during the interval of the interview, another baby monkey was welcomed with the head nurse. The baby's father, Mr. Liu, told him that when he knew his wife was pregnant, he calculated the expected delivery date. It could be sheep tail or monkey head

in the ward, I saw more baby monkeys, many of whom were born on the fifth day of the lunar new year, and were small gods of wealth. Ms. Yang, a pregnant woman, said that this was her first child and she was very nervous before giving birth. Fortunately, everything went well for her baby. She told that up to now, there have been four monkeys in their family, which have become Huaguoshan. The baby's nickname will be called little monkey

Ms. Jiang is also a monkey baby born on the fifth day of the lunar new year, but she is er Bao. Dabao is six years old this year. Ms. Jiang told that in order to welcome the birth of Er Bao, they didn't go back to their hometown in Shandong during the Spring Festival, but the elders of the family came to Nanjing for the new year

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