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From January to October, XCMG's exports of scientific and technological products reached a new high

Guide: in January and October 2007, XCMG's exports of scientific and technological products continued to maintain a strong growth momentum, hitting a new record, with a total of 2850 products exported, an increase of 98% year-on-year, of which 2147 were loaded to further promote the export of pilot demonstration machines for green design of industrial products, 666 were road rollers, and continued to maintain the advantage of being the first in the export of the same industry in China, especially XCMG 50g equipment

from January to October 2007, XCMG's exports of scientific and technological products continued to maintain a strong growth momentum, reaching a new record high. The total number of products exported reached 2850, an increase of 98% year-on-year, including 2147 loaders and 666 road rollers. XCMG's 50g loaders, in particular, have always led the sales trend of China's high-end loaders. In 2007, the export of a single model of products has exceeded the 1000 mark, The international market takes the lead and outshines others. It has entered the North American and Western European markets representing the highest end of the international market in batches, and has a strong competition with international strong players, with a rapid growth

as the largest manufacturer of road construction and pavement machinery in China, since this year, the company has deepened the implementation of the integrated reconstruction of light packaging and slimming, and has taken a series of major measures around the business idea of "focusing on economic benefits". Including the implementation of the "three fixed positions" of streamlining institutions, reducing the redundant staff in charge of auxiliary management, and implementing the positions in charge of auxiliary management, optimizing the human resource structure and core business processes, vigorously implementing the rigid constraint mechanism of the operating budget, strengthening the marketing management function, strengthening the regional technological innovation system, gradually forming market planning, and implementing an effective marketing incentive and constraint mechanism, etc. In order to make a breakthrough in the technical performance of the products and have the ability to participate in the international market competition as soon as possible, the company takes the market demand and customer satisfaction as the starting point and the ultimate goal, gradually improves the pace of product innovation of new technology and materials, accelerates the pace of product innovation, pays attention to the content of green development technology, increases the characteristics of the products, and continuously improves the added value of the products. In May this year, The company's two main products, xs120 roller and ZL50G, passed the EU CE certification first, and successfully obtained the permit to sell to Western European developed countries. At the same time, the company continues to strengthen quality improvement. Since this year, the company has also won the titles of "advanced enterprise in the implementation of excellent performance model in the national construction machinery industry" and "national user satisfaction Enterprise". The loader products of the company have also successfully passed the re evaluation of Chinese famous brand products

8. Amplitude frequency characteristic: 1.5Hz sine wave (source: XCMG technology Yan Kao)

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