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Hot job, quick recommendation

1 Bachelor degree, major in mechanical design and manufacturing, mechatronics, electrical engineering, automation and other related majors, CET-4

2. Years of experience in product development and technology process management; Familiar with development, design, production and process maintenance

3. Have experience in the development of low-voltage control appliance technology, and be able to provide solutions to problems existing in the production process independently or organize relevant technicians in a timely manner

4. Proficient in engineering drawing software such as AutoCAD, pro/e

5. Experience in technology and process management in well-known enterprises in the same industry in January 2016 is preferred

II. Supplier quality management level 2 reinforcement (HRB335) is rib reinforcement, 1 person

1 College degree or above, major in mechanical design and manufacturing, mechatronics, CET-4 or above, with good English communication skills

2. Engaged in quality related work for more than 2 years, familiar with ISO9001 quality management system, quality management tools and techniques, good at quality statistical analysis, with experience in quality control of parts processing and manufacturing process and supplier quality management, the sales revenue of composite polyurethane adhesive industry is 15.65 billion yuan and 19.37 billion yuan respectively

3. Familiar with relevant national inspection standards, skilled in using office software

4. Work seriously and responsibly, rigorous and meticulous, and have strong ability to communicate, analyze and solve problems

III. one Procurement Engineer

1 College degree or above, major in mechanical design and manufacturing, CET-4 or above

2. Familiar with the evaluation and development of electrical and electronic components, metal and plastic parts and suppliers, with strong planning, cost awareness and quality control ability

3. Good negotiation and communication skills, healthy professional ethics and strong dedication

4. Familiar with office software

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