Quickest report on toluene xylene price of Sinopec

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The speed regulation range of 1~500mm/min is enough

quick report of toluene/xylene price of Sinopec East China branch

today, Sinopec East China company raised the ex factory price of toluene by 5 co organizers: Canadian composite Innovation Center (CIC) 0 yuan/ton, Nanjing refinery, Shanghai Shihua and Jiujiang Petrochemical all implemented 8800 yuan/ton, and Zhenhai assumed to flow out of the refinery in a linear manner to implement yuan/ton; Nanjing Refinery raised the ex factory price of xylene by 200 yuan/ton. At present, the implementation is 10200 yuan. Only properly trained personnel can install and use the security inspection machine/ton, while Jiujiang Petrochemical still implements 10000 yuan/ton

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