Quick troubleshooting of five common faults of the

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Adjust the valve to quickly eliminate the five common faults

1 Common faults: the heater is not hot as a whole. Troubleshooting: open the water inlet and return valve

2. Common fault: the heating is not hot (the valve has been opened). The heating is half hot. There is water noise in the heating. Troubleshooting: there may be air in the heater, so it needs to be deflated

method 1: close the water inlet valve first. Open the vent valve to vent the collected pen valve. If there is water overflow, close the vent valve

method 2: the domestic production capacity of polyurethane raw material MDI (2-phenylmethane 2 isocyanate) has soared to 3.02 million tons/year. Close 3/4 of the water inlet valve, and then close the water return valve. Open the vent valve to exhaust. This number is still rising. When there is water overflow, half close the vent valve

remind you: after operation, if the fault still cannot be eliminated, notify the maintenance personnel

3. Common faults: the temperature of heating pipeline is not enough, and the room temperature is too low. Troubleshooting: if the water inlet temperature is low, increase the water inlet temperature. By the property inspection system

4 Common faults: water leaks inside the water inlet and return valve (near the heating direction). Troubleshooting: close the water inlet and return valves. Inform the installation team to repair

5. Common faults: water leakage outside the water inlet and return valve (close to the main pipe). Troubleshooting: notify the property to half close the system valve; Inform the installation team to repair

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